Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday thoughts for a Wednesday

by Steph

I am actually writing 3 posts today (Tuesday) but you'll be reading this one tomorrow (Wednesday) which will actually be today for you. Also, I threw in some pictures that have nothing to do with the post so try to not lose focus.

I have to attend a seminar in LA which will be blah and since my husband is working far away all week, between my being in LA and his working, I won't see him until Friday.

MAJOR dislike.
My beloved Rainbows.
The perk is that I won't have to stay home alone. No no no... I'll have to stay in a hotel alone. In LA. The ghetto. Okay, not the ghetto, I mean I was born in East LA, I guess you can't get much more ghetto than that. But living in suburbia has made me quiver at the thought of the dark streets of LA again.

When I was little, we used to go to my grandma's house (she lived in LA - down the street from General Hospital) and my aunts would joke that we would have to wear bulletproof vests to walk to the candy store.

My little sis with her favorite person (umm.. animal?)  in the world.
Growing up, there were drug dealers that lived across the street from our house. We weren't in the ghetto but I guess they thought they could hide in our neighborhood. I remember the police coming by often for the few short months they were there but I'm not kidding you guys, the sounds of helicopters and police talking on speakers is what I used to fall asleep to at night. It was soothing to hear sirens and gunshots. (Okay the gunshots was only one time and we can't be entirely sure that is in fact what they were. I mean I was young. My sisters and I had wild imaginations. Shocker.)

I discover PhotoStudio. Also I love Ruffles with sour cream. Delish.
 Anyway, when I moved to Santa Clarita for college, I actually had a hard time falling asleep to the sound of silence. It bothered me to hear nothing. I'm sure being in a new place all alone had something to do with it too but it took me awhile to get used to the world of soccer moms and kids running around Target.
Having fun at Disneyland while my lil' sis was buying a present for a friend...


 Side note (even though this whole post is a side note): The grocery store that we went to when I was young was a Mexican store because in the meat section, they used to have cow tongue, lambs head and pigs feet. You don't really see that at Albertsons (or whatever grocery store you shop at that doesn't also have a separate Mexican food section).
I take pictures of my feet when I'm bored at work.
Well that was one big rabbit trail to nothing but I am actually excited for one reason: I get to have dinner with my sisters and bro-in-law tomorrow night (which is actually tonight when you're reading this) and we're having SUSHI!!!!
The first hat I ever knit. My sister said I looked like Dopey.
I have a deep and unrequited love for sushi. My husband dislikes raw fish so we don't really get to eat it often. My dad LOVES sushi and growing up, my sisters and I were all grossed out by the thought of it. Somehow, somewhere in college it clicked for us and we've been family sushi lovers ever since.

Except for my mom... she dislikes sushi also. Actually so does my bro-in-law so its kind of convenient for the 3 of them... husband, bro-in-law and mom get to whine about raw fish while the majority of the women (and the dad who spoils us) all enjoy our sushi meal.

I discovered Shake It! and that's my big sis.
Anyway, I'm flying out tonight and writing 2 posts in advance which should hold you over until I return. This one today (which for you is really yesterday when you're reading this) is just general musings because I have been so busy crocheting lately that there are no other new crafts on the table, literally. I'm sure I'll get tired of that and try a new project soon but for now I guess you'll just have to be happy reading my thoughts.