Thursday, August 4, 2011

Obsess much? Pt. 1

by Steph

I'm obsessed with all white decor (if you hadn't noticed by my Pinning post). OBSESSED, people. The thing is, there's just so little natural light in our apartment, I really want to brighten up the place by adding white all around with pops of color. First step, add whites. Second step, find some poppin' color.

First Step - Episode 1

When I found two green baskets at Marshall's for just $14 each, I knew my addiction could come to fruition thanks to my obsession with spray painting too. I think you can tell my husband took these pics since they're all artsy and he knew like where to focus and all the good lighting tricks.



It was super easy... just took some spray paint and went a bit crazy on our porch. My husband was concerned that the basket would have some dark crevices or spots we wouldn't be able to reach but I had my mind set on white baskets and when I have my mind set, there ain't no stopping me.

I also didn't plan on writing on that chalkboard label on the front (also I was lazy) so I just painted over it, otherwise I might have taped it off. But clearly my laziness won that fight.

And if I'm being totally honest... it did have a bit of a grayish tinge afterward even after 2 coats but it looks white enough in our fluorescent lighting so it's all good in the hood yo.

Hey look! There's an "after" picture of our TV Stand! Huh. I guess I don't need to show the before then... The basket on the left is filled with digital stuff (aka Husband's Video Gaming Stuff). The one on the right is filled with fabric scraps. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with that 6 inch gap above the one on the right but for now, I'm going to ignore it.

Also, please notice the GINORMOUS speaker from the 1940's. And the corresponding GINORMOUS radio that's on the right top of the shelf. Surpisingly (and grudgingly, for me) they both work.