Thursday, August 4, 2011

Obsess much? Pt. 3

by Steph

First Step - Episode 3 "The Final Chapter"

Remember those lamps I've been talking about for like ever? Well they are FINALLY finished.


You can't really tell, but these were very spotted and stained brass lamps with dingy, stained, torn lamp shades.


Don't bother taping off the top or the cord because you're lazy. Ohh...wait, the rest of the world isn't lazy. Go ahead and tape that off. And spray away...
Also, husbands with strong fingers make handy spray paint partners. Me, on the other hand, I just stand around with a mask on pretending to do stuff.

Our lampshades (which I'm sure are like most) had a layer on the outside and a layer on the inside. I cut off the outside layer (otherwise burlap over the whole thing would've blocked too much light).

Glue the inside layer to the wire frame to hold it in place.

After you've measured and cut your burlap, begin gluing the burlap to the metal frame around the top and bottom.

This is the part where I tell you what not to do. See that 6 inches of burlap hanging over the inside? DO NOT GLUE THAT DOWN!!!! For the love of Pete, only glue on the very edges and then you can trim and reglue the (new) edges back down. I'll show you later what will happen if you don't heed my warning....

After you've secured the burlap to the wire frame, trim the excess burlap.

And reglue the edges down.


The only way I could get both the lamps in the frame was to use the zoom lens but since it was night and dark, I couldn't get it light enough in there with a quick shutter speed. So our room isn't really that yellow...

Here is where I show you the end results if you do not heed my previous warning. See how chewed up the inside of the shade is? That's because I did indeed glue down that 6 inches without thinking that "hey, maybe doubled up burlap is going to show through when you put it over a flaming bright lightbulb." So I had to painstakingly remove the burlap with the hot glue gun but the material underneath was so thin that the glue either melted to it or ripped through it.

Also, this is what your floor will look like when you're done.

Well it appears (for now) that I've subdued my obsession with spray painting and all things white. Until next week when I get the itch again.