Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Danger zone.

by Steph

Alright guys.

I've figured it out.

This is why my brain is blocked:
  • My husband is intermittently gone all week and I dislike it. I turn into Super Lazy Wife when he's not around and let me tell you, Monday night I sat on my butt and watched movies and ate cookie dough. No crafts. No projects. Nothing. Laziness in full effect. I'm fairly certain I gained several pounds in just a few hours. Clearly I'm concerned how I'll look in a swimsuit in Maui. *Rolls eyes.
  • Did I ever tell you guys that I picked a flowing wedding dress just so I wouldn't have to be concerned with losing weight and looking skinny? I'm that lazy. My husband is one lucky guy.
  • We're going to a wedding on Saturday, South Lake Tahoe for a partial retreat with church couples on Sunday and leaving for Maui on Monday. But here's the real dilemma....
  • We are only taking ONE checked bag to Maui. ONE, PEOPLE. Do you understand what that means??? I have to share a suitcase with my husband for A WHOLE WEEK. Okay, nobody panic. I know, it's terrifying. Turns out Alaska Airlines (like every other airline) charges $20 per bag each way. That means $40 to just take a suitcase to Maui. I've been spoiled flying Southwest all the time to LA. Now I know why they make that such a huge selling point... that their bags fly free. So we are planning on checking one bag (to avoid having to downsize all our toiletries to TSA standards) and having one carry on each. I had a moment of panic when I thought about trying to fit a week's worth of outfits (14 outfits at least, to be exact) into a tiny carry-on but now I've come to grips with it and I will just have to stuff clothing in every crevice of that carry-on possible. There's no weight limit on a carry-on so as long as it fits in that tiny thing, we are good to go!!! Or I'll just pull a Joey and wear everything I want to take on the plane ride on that day. Just layer every. Single. Outfit. That'll show those airlines!!! "Whew it's hot in here.... I better not do any lunges..."
  • Thank you JESUS for using our government to make this trip possible. Can you believe that? Our government is paying for this. Indirectly. Because I'm bad at tax calculations and being married = pay less taxes. But still. God is good, right???
  • I'm training someone to do my job while I'm gone. To put it nicely, I'm glad I won't be here next week to watch her handle it on her own. And that's all I'll say about that.
  • This has nothing to do with the brain blockage (well, like nothing on this list really  has to do with that - it's just my random thoughts) but I think I've finally reached the obsessive point on Pinterest.
  • On that note... I've also finally given in to pinning fashionable things. DANGEROUS. Please oogle with me and wipe that drool off your keyboard when you're done.