Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to.... work?

by Steph

Everyone is doing back to school posts and everywhere I look stores have giant displays of pencils, notebooks and school supplies.

So just for funsies, I planned a back-to-school outfit. Except I don't go to school. I have no children so obviously those imaginaries don't go to school. I go to work. And it's not back to work because I've been here for 98 years. Ok not really but it feels like it sometimes.

But this is my blog so I can post a back-to-school/work outfit if I want to!

And true to form, when choosing an outfit for one day, it's best to have options. (This is the part where I pull everything out of my closet and try it all on and then go with the first thing I tried on.)

Note: I know those crop skinnies look like a size 0. Which would be perfect for me if you just put a "1" in front of that "0".

And how adorable is that lime-y yellow shirt with the turquoise? I feel as if that would be my final answer.

A definite must will be those nerdy glasses. Because I was kind of a nerd. I didn't wear glasses but these make me think of those nerd-to-beauty movies and I think they're adorable...


Oversized t shirt, $30
Old navy t shirt, $25
H M butterfly top, £9.99
H M top, £9.99
H M cotton tee, £2.49
American Eagle Outfitters capri jeans, $20
H&M suede wedge heels, £25
H&m shoes, £7.99
H&m shoes, £7.99
H M canvas weekend bag, £30
Woven handbag, $30
H M leather handbag, £25
Club Manhattan spike jewelry, €18
Feather jewelry, $14
Zara feather jewelry, $9.90
Old Navy clear jewelry, $5.94
Feather jewelry, $6.50
H&m sunglasses, £5.99