Thursday, August 25, 2011

Office Spaces

by Steph

I decided that every Thursday I'll tell you something funny that happens right here in my office. It's gonna be like a series! Kind of. If I can remember to keep it up. And if you guys want, you can email me stories {} and I'll feature those!

Now listen... I know this seems like a lame series but sometimes things happen in my office and I just think to myself "more people need to enjoy the irony/sadness/humor/despair of this occurrence."

So here's my story:

I'm training someone to cover my job while we're in Maui. I've been training her for 2 months. This is when I knew it was going to be a long 2 months: the first day I was training, I told her to hit the "escape" key to exit a report. After staring at my keyboard for a minute she said "Why doesn't your keyboard have an escape key...?"

I cried a little inside.

More on that to come...

So what about you guys? Any funny office stories? Any that made your skin crawl or made you want to curl up under your desk and die? Spill the paperclips people - we could all use a good laugh.

By the way:
  • I'm almost done painting all the frames for the collage (just need one more coat of paint).
  • My husband requested the Rosemary Potatoes from PW's cookbook last night. Evidently they were that good.
  • I have eaten about 3 large spoonfuls of cookie dough every night this week.
  • I discovered that if you keep your home clean every day, you won't have to do big clean-up's all the time. However, this interferes with my "lying on the couch" time so we'll see how long I keep it up.