Friday, August 19, 2011

A few Friday thoughts and a recipe

by Steph

I had big plans for my solo night yesterday. After work, I'd "stop by" Target, head to the gym for a weight lifting class and after that craft while watching a movie and eating cookie dough.

Only 2 of those things happened. I'll let you figure out which ones.

In my defense, I had to drive home in my husband's Bronco. I'm terrified of touching anything in that car besides the steering wheel, ignition, pedals and stick thingy that moves it from "P" to "R" or "D". (Someone please mock my lack of knowledge of car parts)

So that means I was scared to turn on the A/C for fear that the car would explode on me. After about 30 seconds in traffic in 95 degree sweltering heat, my mind was made up - I was most certainly not going to go anywhere besides Target (because we needed toilet paper) and then home.

40 minutes later when I arrived at Target, my sweat-soaked body confirmed that I had lost about 3 pounds of water weight so I could most definitely justify not going to the gym.

After all that, when I finally did get home (after spending an hour in Target trying to avoid the heat) I warmed up some leftovers, plopped myself on the couch and crocheted while watching Star Wars.

"Keep your distance but don't look like you're trying to keep your distance. I don't know!! Fly casual!!"

Sometimes I watch girly movies.

Sometimes I watch nerdy movies.

You never know what mood I'll be in.

Well back to the post that was supposed to happen yesterday that didn't. I made Pioneer Woman's Rosemary Potatoes, kinda. This recipe is not on her website, but only in her cookbook. I fear there may be legal repercussions if I post something in a book on the internet. So I guess you'll just have to guess what the ingredients are based on the pictures or sneak into a Barnes & Noble and snap a picture of the recipe with your phone.

Not that I've ever done something like that.

I didn't use real parmesan cheese, I used milk instead of heavy cream and I added sour cream because I didn't have enough cream cheese. I'm the worst recipe follower.

But in the end, my husband cleaned the potatoes off his plate before even touching the chicken and veggies and then promptly served himself another heaping serving.

*This recipe has been approved by the blogger's husband.