Tuesday, August 16, 2011


by Steph

I am a firm believer that a blog is like a plant. You have to water it every other day and pay attention to it. (Unless you're like me and water plants every few weeks when you remember them)

The point is, I LOVE when people blog every day. I love reading new things, new thoughts, new projects.

When it comes to my own blog... that's another story. I do my best to blog every day but I do take a break on the weekends. Some days I have tons to blog about. Other days, I don't, so I wing it (much like 99% of college).

Today is a winging day.

I did in fact survive TKB at the gym HOWEVER, I only barely survived so the rest of the night (after a quick stop at Old Navy) was spent watching Sense & Sensibility while I crocheted.

This is what I eat for dinner when my husband is gone (I won't include recipes - they're clearly unnecessary):
  • a pickle,
  • a slice of cheese,
  • a cucumber (similar to the pickle, but sliced with some ranch),
  • a few pieces of grilled lemon pepper chicken,
  • box rice pilaf (which incidently does NOT take 25 minutes to cook, contrary to the instructions), and
  • a bite of cookie dough (I'm not sure how this found it's way in there).
Let's rewind to the Old Navy part. I'm still desperately hoping that somehow somewhere a pair of tan sandals will magically appear for $9. (Don't ask me about that price. I have my reasons.)

Evidently once school starts, every store starts carrying boots and sweaters.

Obviously they ignore the fact that its still 97 degrees outside.

Anyway, I stopped at Old Navy looking for those sandals. I found sandals. None that were tan. And none that were anything besides a size 7. I need an 8.5 in case you're wondering.

After being defeated and let down by the sandal selection, I decided to browse the sales rack. I found a pair of white linen capris for $8.49.


Can you believe that? So here is where I sing my Ode to Old Navy again. Linen pants are raging expensive so to find a comfy pair IN MY SIZE was like a tiny little present for being disappointed about the sandals.

I mean, the tag literally said "For Stephanie R only".

I kid.

But it might as well have.

I snatched those babies up and I am proud to say that I completely ignored my Photo Collage project to indulge in a little shopping trip at Old Navy and I'm not sorry, not one bit!

I then proceeded to celebrate my victory with a meal of champions and a sappy movie. It gets me EVERY TIME when Marianne starts sobbing that Willoughby always implied that he loved her but never said it.

Heart. BREAK.

So.... in light of my ode to Old Navy, here's some goodies for you to oogle and if you have the patience, you may just be able to snatch these for yourself at a very VERY agreeable price.

Obvs, I'm into stripes and baggy tops these days.