Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baby Girl

Alexa Bell Reiner born August 16th at 9:16 pm. She weighs 6 lbs 13 oz and is 19.5" long. She's the most adorable baby ever. Not that I'm biased.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Still here.

Last you heard, we had gotten all of our things moved into the house. Unfortunately, the house wasn't livable yet (i.e. no stove or shower) so we were in our apartment for a few more days sleeping on an air mattress, which at 38 weeks pregnant was like sleeping on a teeter-totter. My poor husband...

When we were able to move into the house there were still contractors showing up to do a few last things. Brian has been working every day to finish the touch-ups. He set-up the internet yesterday so I'm finally able to blog, at least once before this baby shows up.

I've unpacked almost everything. Brian has to install the hall closet shelves and pantry before I can finish unpacking the kitchen and bathroom stuff. There's like 5 boxes of books sitting unpacked in the guest room waiting for the bookshelf that my dad is going to build when they come. As I type, our front door is being worked on and the paint on the bathroom door is drying. But we have clothes to wear, food to eat (and cook) and as of 3 - 7 pm today we will have a washer and dryer. Praise the Lord! Seriously. I was starting to think I might have to go all 1800's and wash some underwear on a washboard.

In the midst of all of this moving craziness, my grandma (Dad's mom) went to be with the Lord on Sunday morning. She's had Alzheimer's for a long time now so it wasn't unexpected but still sad. I wish I had pictures to show you but the last time we saw her was in the 90's when technology was still so brand new and I didn't carry a camera phone in my pocket. I was like 12 so I carried like Bonne Bell lip gloss in my pockets. She lived in Indiana so being in California meant we saw her once every 5 years or so. But again, it was the 90's so my sisters and I would write letters to her a lot. You know, like with stamps and stuff? Yeah, kids these days. Back in my day, you had to wait a week or 2 before getting a response to someone's message!

She always had the funniest stories about my dad and his little brother (my Uncle Steve). According to my dad, she's the one that he and my uncle get their inappropriate sense of humor from. She would always send us new pajamas for Christmas that had ruffles and frills on them. She's probably the reason my sisters and I have such a love for reading. There are a lot of precious memories I have of my grandma and even though I wish there were more, I'm glad that someday I will rejoice with her in Heaven forever, worshipping our Creator!

So I'm still here. Still carrying a baby that really likes to kick my ribs these days. Still unpacking. Still settling in. Still living in God's abundant grace and mercy. Still thankful everyday for His blessings.

And still blogging. :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

The weekend

Oh. My. Crazy. Days. Guys.

Remember how I said we still had a week before moving?

Remember how I still had so much packing to do?


That did not happen.

Thursday night we had stopped at the house and there was still so much work to be done. So we decided to bite the bullet and stay at the apartment another week. I blissfully blogged about my extra week and continued procrastinating the packing.

Friday afternoon Brian's boss (actually his ex-boss aka the contractor) called and said we could start moving stuff in Saturday night if we needed to. He had guys working around the clock to get us in. Seriously amazing.

So then I panicked. Move? Like tomorrow? Like when we have a wedding to attend and I still have a billion things to pack?

Yes and yes. But when Saturday came around, there were still touch ups being done on the paint so we decided to do it all Sunday afternoon.

Interesting note: the wedding we attended was a (Russian) couple from our church so we saw a couple of the guys who are working at our house at the wedding because of course they're all related... And these guys even worked after the wedding was over just so we could get in!

So then Sunday came. Brian was tense and I was panicking and we realized we have way too much crap. Seriously our little 590 sq ft apartment was holding a LOT of stuff.

But enter: God's GRACIOUS goodness toward us and His love displayed through His church.

Between Brian's family, some high schoolers and a few couples in our church we were able to get everything moved in one load. One load!!! Two amazing women took charge and packed up the rest of what I hadn't packed. The high schoolers carted everything out to the dump trailer (which Brian's boss had lent us) and all I did was boss people around. We were sitting in the driveway of our house later that night just in awe of how much love was shown to us and how these people had so graciously and sacrificially served us.

Unloading was a piece of cake because as they brought everything in, I again bossed people around directing where to put things. I guess that's what 38 week pregnant women do. Boss people around and look hot and puffy. And I don't mean sexy hot, I mean sweaty hot. And not the glistening sweat. The greasy looking kind. Pretty picture, huh?

Unloading took like 30 minutes. It was amazing and I was seriously just so thankful that God had provided for us through all these amazing helpers.

I don't have any pictures of the moving process because I was too busy bossing people around but I have some sorta after pics where you can see what the house looks like.

They're hanging closet doors today and installing appliances. The only thing we're waiting on is the shower install which should happen tomorrow. Thankfully we can stay at our apartment until tomorrow so we don't have to shower in our sink. Today I spent the day cleaning with Brian's little sister and brother and hopefully tomorrow after our apartment inspection I'll be able to start unpacking at the house.

By the way, I could also have a baby any minute. I think almost every person who has heard what I'm doing has been like "Don't go into early labor!!!"

I shall do my best to hold her in but I am positive that God's timing with her birth will be perfect.

So that's been my life the past few days. Exciting, no?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Construction and Russians

Packing is moving slowly for one reason: our move out date keeps getting pushed back. Now it's going to be Saturday a week from tomorrow which does make things easier on me but also really kills any motivation I had to get packing done quicker.

Here are some update pics but these are so 5 days ago... Laminate is already done throughout the living room, kitchen and hallway. (I should know... I spent 2 hours last Sunday taping protective paper over it and my knees were aching for like 3 days...) Tile is done in the bathroom and kitchen (backsplash). Counters are installed and trim is in throughout the house. They started painting yesterday and are supposed to finish over the weekend.

Brian installed the flooring and gave the fireplace a facelift, which I didn't know was going to happen but I'm not too picky about what goes on over there and I like how it looks both ways. Since he started his new job on Wednesday, everything else is being done by the rest of the work guys who I've learned are all Russian, all related to someone else, and all have like 5 different ways to say their name.

It's funny because the drywall guys were the first to come work on the house a few weeks ago and they were all Mexican, which surprised Brian. Yet their first question for him was "So you work for Alex? Are you Russian too?"

You know, I think we slowly are becoming Russian...