Monday, August 6, 2012

The weekend

Oh. My. Crazy. Days. Guys.

Remember how I said we still had a week before moving?

Remember how I still had so much packing to do?


That did not happen.

Thursday night we had stopped at the house and there was still so much work to be done. So we decided to bite the bullet and stay at the apartment another week. I blissfully blogged about my extra week and continued procrastinating the packing.

Friday afternoon Brian's boss (actually his ex-boss aka the contractor) called and said we could start moving stuff in Saturday night if we needed to. He had guys working around the clock to get us in. Seriously amazing.

So then I panicked. Move? Like tomorrow? Like when we have a wedding to attend and I still have a billion things to pack?

Yes and yes. But when Saturday came around, there were still touch ups being done on the paint so we decided to do it all Sunday afternoon.

Interesting note: the wedding we attended was a (Russian) couple from our church so we saw a couple of the guys who are working at our house at the wedding because of course they're all related... And these guys even worked after the wedding was over just so we could get in!

So then Sunday came. Brian was tense and I was panicking and we realized we have way too much crap. Seriously our little 590 sq ft apartment was holding a LOT of stuff.

But enter: God's GRACIOUS goodness toward us and His love displayed through His church.

Between Brian's family, some high schoolers and a few couples in our church we were able to get everything moved in one load. One load!!! Two amazing women took charge and packed up the rest of what I hadn't packed. The high schoolers carted everything out to the dump trailer (which Brian's boss had lent us) and all I did was boss people around. We were sitting in the driveway of our house later that night just in awe of how much love was shown to us and how these people had so graciously and sacrificially served us.

Unloading was a piece of cake because as they brought everything in, I again bossed people around directing where to put things. I guess that's what 38 week pregnant women do. Boss people around and look hot and puffy. And I don't mean sexy hot, I mean sweaty hot. And not the glistening sweat. The greasy looking kind. Pretty picture, huh?

Unloading took like 30 minutes. It was amazing and I was seriously just so thankful that God had provided for us through all these amazing helpers.

I don't have any pictures of the moving process because I was too busy bossing people around but I have some sorta after pics where you can see what the house looks like.

They're hanging closet doors today and installing appliances. The only thing we're waiting on is the shower install which should happen tomorrow. Thankfully we can stay at our apartment until tomorrow so we don't have to shower in our sink. Today I spent the day cleaning with Brian's little sister and brother and hopefully tomorrow after our apartment inspection I'll be able to start unpacking at the house.

By the way, I could also have a baby any minute. I think almost every person who has heard what I'm doing has been like "Don't go into early labor!!!"

I shall do my best to hold her in but I am positive that God's timing with her birth will be perfect.

So that's been my life the past few days. Exciting, no?