Friday, August 3, 2012

Construction and Russians

Packing is moving slowly for one reason: our move out date keeps getting pushed back. Now it's going to be Saturday a week from tomorrow which does make things easier on me but also really kills any motivation I had to get packing done quicker.

Here are some update pics but these are so 5 days ago... Laminate is already done throughout the living room, kitchen and hallway. (I should know... I spent 2 hours last Sunday taping protective paper over it and my knees were aching for like 3 days...) Tile is done in the bathroom and kitchen (backsplash). Counters are installed and trim is in throughout the house. They started painting yesterday and are supposed to finish over the weekend.

Brian installed the flooring and gave the fireplace a facelift, which I didn't know was going to happen but I'm not too picky about what goes on over there and I like how it looks both ways. Since he started his new job on Wednesday, everything else is being done by the rest of the work guys who I've learned are all Russian, all related to someone else, and all have like 5 different ways to say their name.

It's funny because the drywall guys were the first to come work on the house a few weeks ago and they were all Mexican, which surprised Brian. Yet their first question for him was "So you work for Alex? Are you Russian too?"

You know, I think we slowly are becoming Russian...