Friday, February 18, 2011


by Steph

I heart Coach's new Kristin Collection. Their nude color scheme is just perfect for almost every outfit. My favorite? The Kristin Elevated Leather Round Satchel. My problem? It's $698. My solution? Starve for the next 6 months in hopes of saving enough to buy it... My reality? Wait until it goes on sale at the Coach outlet near me and snatch it for $300. Such a reasonable price compared to $700... You can check out the collection here. If you manage to buy one, see if they have a buy one get one free option.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Giving in

by Steph

I've decided several things:
  • It's time to shed my winter weight. And by winter, I mean since-I-met-my-husband-and-decided-to-spend-time-with-him-not-gym weight.
  • This is mostly going to be a fashion blog. I'm not giving up on my other endeavors, but I find myself with finished projects, no photos detailing how I did it and no internet to upload photos anyway. Plus it's the end of FWNY and I'm feeling a bit fashionable and a bit reckless.
  • I like the maternity collection at Old Navy. I'm not pregnant, but would it be wrong to wear those super comfy stretchy waist jeans?
  • It's time to shed my winter weight. And stop dreaming about wearing maternity pants.
  • I want it to be blazing hot summer already! I'm tired of layers and boots. Okay, well not tired of boots... but ready to wear dresses and cute sandals!!!
  • I'm not as handy as I thought I was. Case in point: my project from yesterday which hopefully you will see pictures of soon. My sewing machine and I have to become friends because right now, it hates me.
  • I think it's so ridiculous when my computer tells me something is a "fatal error". Really computer? Must we dramatize your inability to open a pdf file?
  • Rainy days make me want to be at home, snuggled under a blanket with my husband watching old movies. Definitely not sitting at a desk wishing the hours would pass by quickly.
  • Blogging helps work boredom.
  • My posts are going to be outlines from now on. It's just clean... ok maybe not. But it is clean!
Here's some reasons to look forward to that warm weather brought to you by Old Navy and the color flower (I couldn't pick one color and limit myself...) and the letter S. For summer. And Stephanie. (and yes, the first one is a maternity dress). Don't judge me.

Old Navy Flower-Graphic Tank Dress

Old Navy Women's Floral-Print Chiffon Tie-Belt Dress
Old Navy Women's Floral-Print Chiffon Dress

Old Navy Women's Espadrille Wedge Sandal

Old Navy Women's Pintucked Tunic

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Flora and Fauna

by Steph

"Florals? For spring? Ground breaking." Whether or not Miranda Priestly approves, flowers are in this spring and the short, small gust of warm weather has already got me thinking about a fresh, summery wardrobe.

There are a couple of things you must know about me (if you don't already):
1) I'm married.
2) I'm on a budget (see #1).
3) I have a wonderful husband who loves me very much but does NOT understand my fashion passion.
4) I have a teeny, tiny closet that I share with my husband (see #3). Therefore, anything that gets added has to have a VERY good reason for being there.
5) I do my very best to be modest. And not "I-look-like-an-Amish-person" modest but fashionably modest.

Now that you know those things, you know how hard it is for me to live out my passion for fashion when I have a husband who is absolutely perplexed why I must change my purse twice in one day because I changed my outfit twice in one day (especially when it makes us late for something).

Maybe that's why this is turning into a mostly fashion blog... I promise to include some other things too! Soon!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Still working on a name...

by Steph

First of all, I know I owe you a weekend update post which I will do as soon as I figure out how to get pictures from my camera onto this post. Not that it's technologically complicated, but when one doesn't have internet, one has to get creative to keep up with the blogging world (which apparently has been going on for years and I'm just super {fashionably} late to this party...).

I've decided Tuesday's will be outfit days but I'm still deciding on a catchy name like Totally Tuesdays... hahaha.

I was ecstatic that here in Northern California we experienced a 73 degree weather day on Sunday and I was ready for the blistering hot days when all I wear are dresses, shorts, tanks and sandals. Enter: the romper! It's like an outfit all in one. Love it.

My favorite is taking a patterned piece and pulling all the different colors out of it with every article so you can see how I adore that the dark wash denim brings out the blue and the subtle jewelry pulls out the orange tint. AND every piece is under $50! Not that I'm going to be buying any of it, but it still makes me happy to know that it's affordable...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Family Vacation

by Steph

So when I was younger, my family didn't take very many vacations since both my parents were "independent contractors" and paid vacation days didn't exist. It did make me all the more thankful for the vacations we did take, visiting my dad's family in Indiana, a trip to the Grand Canyon, driving to all the missions in California and (almost) annual trips to Monterey Bay.

Now that I've lived in Nor Cal for a year and 2 days, I don't get to see my family very much but whenever I do, it feels like a mini family vacation. Which brings me to.... (drum roll please)... Bell/Reiner/Roske Family Vacation of February 2011!!! Yep family is coming this weekend and tomorrow is Napa with the baby sis, then San Fran and Alcatraz with the whole fam and then Super Bowl Sunday. I'm looking forward to all the wonderful time we will spend together and if I can figure it out, I'll try posting some pictures from my phone. I'm still a baby to this blogging thing so be patient whilst I grow in my wisdom and stature of the blogging world.

And just so you'll all be jealous of where I'll be tomorrow (which is NOT sitting at my desk!!!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 for 2

by Steph

I've decided to blog every day this week but at the same time I probably won't because I have Friday off of work (for our little Napa trip) and no internet at home = no blog updates. Sadly, you'll have to wait til Monday for the juicy news that is my life. But no worries, an update today and tomorrow should get you through the weekend.

First things first: I attempted making a tote following a tutorial I found. The tutorial was fine, very helpful. My sewing skills were not. Let's just say that someday I'll look back and (hopefully) be super skilled at making things and I'll laugh at the first tote I ever made. Because that's exactly what I did last night when I finished it: laughed. First of all, it was lumpy because I didn't iron or pin anything. I just assumed sewing machines sew in straight lines. I had a lumpy super wide pocket because I decided to "guess" the measurements and lastly, I forgot to sew the straps in. My sweet husband tried to compliment it and finished by saying "Well, that's why you're practicing so you can get better!". Luckily, I used scraps that his grandmother had given to me so no money was wasted on fabric. (By the way, his grandmother is SUPER awesome at sewing. She has like 7 machines and just decided to give me one when Brian and I got married so I'm hoping I'll do it some justice.)

Here's a before picture of the pattern (or part of it). Basically you cut four of these to make the tote and the lining and then there's pockets and handles (which I clearly had ignored).

It did seem simple enough. But I've learned some good mistakes to make and hopefully this is a good practice run...

Anyway, that's the latest endeavor of crafting... I'll take a picture of the final thing tonight so you can all laugh with me. I'm going to try crocheting a braided infinity scarf so hopefully that will go better...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2 in 1

by Steph

I'm going to blog twice today so you all have something to read besides my boring intro. I'm going to Napa in 3 days with my sister and dreaming of the perfect wine tasting, sight seeing, shopping outfit to wear in this cold yet sunny Northern California. I've discovered a wonderful website that allows me to create outfits from different stores so I'm having lots of fun with this. Maybe it'll turn into a thing like Fashion Tuesday or something. Maybe not.

I have this thing where I like to bring a bunch of different colors together. I can't stand when people (namely celebrities) decide to mix and match patterns and colors and everyone calls it fashion forward. Maybe that's my OCD but things should mesh. Always. So here's my imaginary outfit (imaginary mostly because of that $900 sweater)... enjoy!

I updated the outfit because, as my lovely sister pointed out, every outfit needs a good pair of shoes and a purse. Remember this is my IMAGINARY outfit. Oh to own a pair of Louboutin's... sigh...

My very first ever!

by Steph

I've decided to join the blogging world since everyone and their mother is doing it - watch me conform! Actually it's a really good way to keep in touch with old friends and updates on my life (because I know you are all so very interested. All zero of my followers since this is my first entry.) I'm still learning about all the aspects of this so if you pull this blog up and it looks like a hot mess - bear with me! This is going to be following my adventures of crafting, cooking, shopping (dreaming of shopping, actually) and my life in general. If it gets too boring, well, hey, no one is forcing you to read this. Wish me luck