Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 for 2

by Steph

I've decided to blog every day this week but at the same time I probably won't because I have Friday off of work (for our little Napa trip) and no internet at home = no blog updates. Sadly, you'll have to wait til Monday for the juicy news that is my life. But no worries, an update today and tomorrow should get you through the weekend.

First things first: I attempted making a tote following a tutorial I found. The tutorial was fine, very helpful. My sewing skills were not. Let's just say that someday I'll look back and (hopefully) be super skilled at making things and I'll laugh at the first tote I ever made. Because that's exactly what I did last night when I finished it: laughed. First of all, it was lumpy because I didn't iron or pin anything. I just assumed sewing machines sew in straight lines. I had a lumpy super wide pocket because I decided to "guess" the measurements and lastly, I forgot to sew the straps in. My sweet husband tried to compliment it and finished by saying "Well, that's why you're practicing so you can get better!". Luckily, I used scraps that his grandmother had given to me so no money was wasted on fabric. (By the way, his grandmother is SUPER awesome at sewing. She has like 7 machines and just decided to give me one when Brian and I got married so I'm hoping I'll do it some justice.)

Here's a before picture of the pattern (or part of it). Basically you cut four of these to make the tote and the lining and then there's pockets and handles (which I clearly had ignored).

It did seem simple enough. But I've learned some good mistakes to make and hopefully this is a good practice run...

Anyway, that's the latest endeavor of crafting... I'll take a picture of the final thing tonight so you can all laugh with me. I'm going to try crocheting a braided infinity scarf so hopefully that will go better...