Thursday, February 17, 2011

Giving in

by Steph

I've decided several things:
  • It's time to shed my winter weight. And by winter, I mean since-I-met-my-husband-and-decided-to-spend-time-with-him-not-gym weight.
  • This is mostly going to be a fashion blog. I'm not giving up on my other endeavors, but I find myself with finished projects, no photos detailing how I did it and no internet to upload photos anyway. Plus it's the end of FWNY and I'm feeling a bit fashionable and a bit reckless.
  • I like the maternity collection at Old Navy. I'm not pregnant, but would it be wrong to wear those super comfy stretchy waist jeans?
  • It's time to shed my winter weight. And stop dreaming about wearing maternity pants.
  • I want it to be blazing hot summer already! I'm tired of layers and boots. Okay, well not tired of boots... but ready to wear dresses and cute sandals!!!
  • I'm not as handy as I thought I was. Case in point: my project from yesterday which hopefully you will see pictures of soon. My sewing machine and I have to become friends because right now, it hates me.
  • I think it's so ridiculous when my computer tells me something is a "fatal error". Really computer? Must we dramatize your inability to open a pdf file?
  • Rainy days make me want to be at home, snuggled under a blanket with my husband watching old movies. Definitely not sitting at a desk wishing the hours would pass by quickly.
  • Blogging helps work boredom.
  • My posts are going to be outlines from now on. It's just clean... ok maybe not. But it is clean!
Here's some reasons to look forward to that warm weather brought to you by Old Navy and the color flower (I couldn't pick one color and limit myself...) and the letter S. For summer. And Stephanie. (and yes, the first one is a maternity dress). Don't judge me.

Old Navy Flower-Graphic Tank Dress

Old Navy Women's Floral-Print Chiffon Tie-Belt Dress
Old Navy Women's Floral-Print Chiffon Dress

Old Navy Women's Espadrille Wedge Sandal

Old Navy Women's Pintucked Tunic