Friday, September 30, 2011

Picky eater

I was discussing with my friend earlier today about not liking German chocolate and she made the observation that I'm very picky. So I decided to make a list of things I like to eat and things I do not like to eat for your reference in case you ever have me over for dinner.

Things I enjoy:
  • Steak (medium rare, please) with sauteed mushrooms on top
  • Pizza (half pepperoni and half Hawaiian with ranch and parmesan)
  • Cheesecake (pure, plain, unadultered cheesecake with some fresh strawberries)
  • Cranberry lemonade
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Stouffer's Frozen Lasagna
  • Ground beef, salted
  • Grilled salmon
  • BJ's Pazookie
  • Black Angus' bread
  • Ruffles or Fritos with sour cream
  • Pickles (the plain dill whole pickles - and yes, my husband and I laugh everytime when I say "Dill whole?" in the grocery aisle)
  • Cheddar Cheese and a flour tortilla. NOT a quesadilla because I like the cheese cold.
  • Sushi (except eel)
  • Crepes with sour cream and steak sauce. Trust me on this.

Things I do not enjoy:
  • coconuts
  • any drink that I have to chew
  • lima beans
  • anything with curry seasoning
  • sweet pickles
  • plain yogurt
  • blueberries
  • cereal
  • any kind of muffin except chocolate
  • pancakes
  • cayenne shrimp
  • pork
Okay so it might look like I'm a little bit picky but I just know the exact way that I like to eat things and how they will taste good to me. Yes, if I have pizza, I prefer to have ranch globbed all over it but it's not like I'm going to refuse pizza if there's no ranch (although I will be extremely sad). And if someone forced a gun in my face and said "Eat this plain yogurt!" I'd say "No!" and then I'd be in heaven so basically you can't ever get me to eat food I don't like.

Also, in retrospect, I realize that my list of things I enjoy is strange but think about the things you truly enjoy eating and I bet it's not like "creme brulee" and "fancy schmancy stuff". (Creme brulee was the only fancy food I could think of...)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

True life stories

I promise I'm smart.


I took Calculus in High School. And I was like nerdy. With straight A's and stuff.

But sometimes...


I feel stupid. Because I do stupid things.

Sometimes when I do stupid things, my husband gives me this look like he's desperately hoping that the woman he married did not just say/do whatever she did.

It's a look of shock mixed with incredulity and despair.

I blame my mother.

Don't get me wrong, my mom is a genius. She's an eye doctor for Pete's sake. But sometimes, those moments just happen and I think it infected me and my sisters. The plus side of it is that it's always good for some laughs...

Speaking of laughs, I'll share a few of those with you now.

1) Once upon a time a few months ago, my husband got heat stroke at work. He decided to tell me as he was driving home (2 hours away) and ended with "Okay, well hopefully I make it!" Now that whole episode was one big drama after another but all you need to know was that I told my sister who told her husband who told his twin brother who is friends with my husband. The twin brother wrote on my husbands FB wall "So, heard you tried to take on the big yellow one all by yourself?" I smirked initially when I read it because my sister's husbands twin brother is funny but then I thought about it... "Big yellow one? Is he talking about a bus? Does he know that Brian had heat stroke? What is he talking about?" After weeks of mulling over this, one day, walking through Target it struck me. He was talking about the sun. Seriously, guys. It took me weeks.

2) Once upon a time, my baby sis and I were driving with my mom and my baby sister was complaining about not having enough pencils for school. "What happened to the pencils and pack of lead I gave you?" I asked. Except when you say it really fast... you get my mom's response which was "Who's Aunt Packaletta?"

3) Once upon a time my older sis tried cooking pizza in a microwave. I wasn't there to witness the event but amidst constant laughter and wimpering, I finally got the story out of my baby sis. Evidently my older sis thought 5 minutes to cook a slice of pizza was a good amount of time and 3 minutes later, the microwave exploded. Smoke was billowing out of it and the plate had even cracked. In her attempt to rid the kitchen of smoke, my baby sis thought she'd wave a frying pan back and forth as a fan and subsequently smacked my older sis in the head or arm, I can't remember which. Let's go with head, because it's funnier.

4) Once upon a time I bit into a boiled egg that I had heated up in the microwave. NEVER bite into a boiled egg that you've heated up in a microwave.

5) Almost every single time you tell a joke in front of my baby sister, there will be a guaranteed 30 seconds of time it takes for her to a) hear the joke b) comprehend the joke and then c) laugh. Which is nearly just as funny (if not funnier) as the joke itself.

You know what the great thing is though? I love my family. Whenever we all get together, it's always lots of laughter and happiness. Because we're all a bit ditzy (except my dad, who is surprisingly, the only true blonde of our family) and it's just good comedy. I mean, the last time we were together, we almost got thrown out of a sushi restaurant for laughing so loudly. And almost every day I provide some good, solid laughs for my husband.

I really am smart, guys. I mean, I know big words like "incredulity" so yeah....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blogs and stuff

Like I've said before, it annoys me when people don't post everyday on their blogs. I know, I know... I'm about to condemn myself. The funny thing is when PW doesn't post, it's not like I can call her and be like "What the heck? Why haven't you posted yet?" But in my case it's different. See some of my followers are avid followers and those followers also might happen to have my email/phone number/chat name so when my sister prodded me about having nothing to read since Friday, I decided I'd better post sooner than later.

The truth is, I've been shamefully hiding. Why? Because I'm a failed blogger. Or failger if you will. Or something like that. I love doing projects. I love shopping online and cooking. But as I was making an Cherry Oreo Cheesecake this weekend, I thought to myself, I refuse to take pictures of this (and thereby failed all of you).

Now, the cheesecake is good and I believe I have truly perfected the recipe to my own liking. But I'm not going to share it with you because first of all, I didn't take pictures because I was in a rush to get it done and I'm also extremely lazy. Secondly, it's the recipe you can find on the inside of a Philadelphia Cream Cheese box. Yeah, big surprise that I'm no recipe creating whiz. Thirdly, I don't care if it has cracks or isn't perfectly even - it's about the moistness of the cake. All I want is a moist cheesecake. There's nothing worse - NOTHING - than dried out cheesecake. So 350 degrees for an hour and then leave it in the oven (after you've turned it off of course) for 20 minutes. That's what I call perfecting the recipe. Lastly, a really good cheesecake has to be made the day before you want to eat it. The extra time in the fridge really helps the flavor set in and increases the moistness.

So there you have it. I'm lazy. I make a very good cheesecake following a recipe on a box. I sometimes despise taking pictures of food and having to stop in between to get all the steps. I also will not have any fall decorations pictures for you because I'm not a "fall decorate-y" kind of girl. (Umm... see the 2nd sentence of this paragraph)

BUT here is what fall means to me: boots and sweaters. And I will eat my own keyboard if I don't have tons of fall inspiration outfits for you. Should I be a fashion blogger? Maybe. But for now let's just say I'm a "do-whatever-I-feel-like" blogger. And if at the end of this you don't want to run out and snuggle by a fire with a good book then you're hopeless and I've done all I can.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Gotta get down on Friday

Whooo... it is finally  Friday and I couldn't be more ready for the weekend. Let's do a "what I'm doing this weekend list" since it's been awhile...
  • Tonight we have our Jr./Sr. High School group! My husband and I help another couple lead our high schoolers youth group and it's been such a blast and a blessing! I'm so encouraged to see the Lord at work in these kids and I'm super excited for this upcoming year to see what He's going to do next!
  • I have a billion and one projects that I'm working on but the most important is my photo collage (remember, the one for a friend?) I'm stuck on finding some chicken wire but I'm going to work up a few little embellishments for some of the frames and hopefully I will have something to show her since it's already been over a month!
  • Hanging out with my hubs. I am SOOOOO excited that he gets home tonight. It's pretty lonely being at home all alone by my lonesome alone alone alone a lone wolf and I end up sitting by the door like a little puppy who pounces as soon as I hear the keys in the door.
  • Church on Sunday (plus some football in between - yep, it's that season). And here we go... One of the things I do love about fall is making some hot chili on a Sunday afternoon with some yummy biscuits or corn bread and then snuggling with my hubs to watch a football game. At first, I would fall asleep because let's face it, I know as much about football as I do about cars and that's not saying much. But then he would explain the game to me and I started to understand it. Now it's like watching a movie where you don't know what will happen and who will win! I always cheer for whoever is losing because I feel like they're the underdog. Last week it was the Dallas Cowboys who came back in the second half and scored in overtime. Wow. I actually sound like I know what I'm talking about! One thing I don't understand - why they would ever run the ball. To me, it just looks like they're trying to get through a wall of defenders and they almost always seem to get only a few yards when they do this but whatev. Maybe they enjoy running into each other. Maybe it's a guy thing. Maybe I'll stop talking about football because this is a girl blog and well, we're not really known for being football fanatics.
  • By the way, do you guys sign up for emails from your favorite stores? Joann's is having a major "coupon commotion" this week so I think I might snag a few more balls of yarn and dye which brings me to my next project...
  • Dying a pair of jeans black. I have like 21 pairs of jeans. Seriously. They're all blue (except for one gray and one mustard yellow pair) and I've been wanting black jeans for awhile now. I actually went so far as to buy some from H&M but I ended up returning them because they made my butt look even more ginormous than it is. So my new project is going to be attempting to dye a pair of jeans I already own. Is this doable? Will it blow up in my face? Will I do it wrong and end up rubbing black on everything I sit on? I don't know. We'll have to wait and see...
  • GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!!? We're getting internet at home! Yaaayyyyyyy... I'm hoping this will make blogging so much easier but we shall see...
  • Have a lovely weekend!!! (Exclamation points intended to express my excitement for the weekend)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Office spaces

This isn't so much an office annoyance as it is a "things too true about office workers":
  • In an 8-hour day, most people get roughly 5 hours of work done.
  • Human Resources assumes that 0.94 hours are being wasted a day but suspect that 1.6 hours are being wasted meaning they are only half aware of all the time being wasted.
  • The older you are, the less time you waste at work. On average, the highest time wasters are 18-24 years old.
  • 39% of 18-24 year olds said they would quit their jobs if Facebook was banned.
  • Cited distractions at work: 44% spent web surfing (I'm sure Pinterest is 43% of that), 23.4% socializing with co-workers, 3.9% spacing out, 1.3% applying for other jobs.
  • 65% of YouTube viewers watch between the hours of 9 -5 Monday through Friday.
  • 77% of workers who have a Facebook account use it at work.
  • An estimated $759 billion is the total salary cost for the time that employees waste at work.
Well on that note I guess I better get back to work.... or Pinning. Such a dilemma...

Source: None via Deborah on Pinterest

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And we're back!

Well, well, well. I have emerged from the pile of paperwork on my desk and the pile of laundry in our apartment. The last beach towel has been washed and our apartment looks like normal (clean but cluttered).

I know I've been missing for a few days but there were no new things going on in my life to blog about (not since I boasted about Maui for a week) and I really really needed to get some work done if I want to stay employed (although unemployment sounds terribly good now that I'm sitting at my desk).

The weather has finally shifted here in Nor Cal and we're experiencing cooler nights and mornings with blazing hot day times. I find that these are the hardest times to dress for. I wake up and it's cold so my brain thinks "jeans and sweater". I also sit in a frigid office all day so my brain thinks "jeans and sweater". However, the instant I walk outside after work and attempt to drive home in the blistering heat, my brain is screaming "WHY WOULD YOU WEAR JEANS AND A SWEATER IN 98 DEGREE WEATHER????"

Then I shout back at my brain about my line of reasoning and we have a little argument for a minute and I decide that shorts will have to do in this weather limbo and my mini desk heater will be working overtime from now on.

Haven't you guys missed me? Or have you not noticed that I've been gone? If it's the second one, that's ok. I probably wouldn't notice me either.

But ooh ooh ooh guess what? My husband (who's building houses in a far away land today) brought home presents for me the other day - leftover lumber from the house building!!! Our patio is now overflowing with random pieces of wood and I'm doing some serious thinking about what to do with it. Visions of homemade bookshelves are dancing in my head.

Also, look what he found in a dumpster! I'm not sure what the hook thingy's are for but I stuck it on a shelf and that seems to work to hold our mail now. Aren't we cool? We're dumpster divers. Well, the hubs is but I support him so there's no shame.

"Back to you in the studio!" Name that movie! (That's a hard one but here's a hint: it's followed by the main character reviewing a video of the interview she just finished taping)

But seriously. Back to you. How have you guys been?

Oh and some favorites I forgot to include in the last post...

So this is love...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Beach days

I saved all of our beach pictures for last because this is what we spent 80% of our time doing in Maui (the other 20% we spent watching Storage Wars which we got hooked on. Unfortunately, we don't have cable at home so we can't really be hooked on it anymore...).

The beach.

Laying on chairs, playing in the water, snorkeling, swimming, taking long walks along the shore, watching the sunset - it was all wonderful and beautiful and relaxing.

Took this with my phone

And a few sunset pictures with the handy dandy helpful use of a tripod...



My husband is silly. But I love him. :)

He got carried away taking some artsy photos and risking the life of our camera so near the water...

On our last day there, we built a monument to the foolish man who builds his house on the sand. Yes, we're grownups and we built what some might classify as a "sand castle" but whatev. We had fun and people were impressed and all taking pictures of it and oohing and aahing which we thought was kind of weird.

So that's it... Maui was fun and relaxing and everything we hoped and dreamed it would be... Now that I've rubbed it in your faces for a week, we'll get back to the usual stuff.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The (partial) Road to Hana

Thursday was snorkel day but I'll have to hold off on that recap until I get some pictures developed in 4-6 months. Friday we decided to drive the Road to Hana. We brought along snacks and waters and prepared ourselves for a full day of driving and hiking.

After about an hour, before the road to Hana starts, you pass through the airport and a bunch of stores and restaurants. We reached this point at about 10 a.m. and decided we were both hungry so we got a Little Caesar's pizza because we're classy like that and we only have the finest dining while on vacation.

Munching on pizza, we passed through Paia, the hippie town and a beach where a bunch of surfers were showing off their skills. Finally the official Road to Hana started. We had seen the Twin Falls and Garden of Eden spots on the map and decided those would be our 2 major stops.

We passed Mile Marker 1.

At Mile Marker 2, we saw the signs for Twin Falls and pulled over. Brian was excited because parking on the muddy roadside was the extent of our offroading for the week. I could bore you with tons of pictures of all the cool things we saw but I decided to pick a few favorites.

I told Brian to just keep walking and I'd take a pic. This is what I got.

The first "small" waterfall

Sometimes our "trail" was walking across logs or tiny brick walls, as demonstrated below

The second waterfall and a guy who had just done a backflip off the top
It took us about an hour and a half to hike to both waterfalls and come back. We had both worn flip flops which actually worked out because the trail wasn't too difficult and to get to the second waterfall, we had to wade through a rocky creek.

After trudging back to our car it was about 1 o'clock. We looked at each other. Thought about the drive back. Decided that 2 miles into the Road to Hana, we'd seen the lot and felt thoroughly satisfied.

We had a good laugh about it in the car, imagining telling people that out of the 34 miles to the little town of Hana, we made it 2. But hey, that's just who we are. We enjoyed the scenery. We did a little exercise. We hiked. And we have ridiculously low tourist standards so we were pretty happy with what we got to see.

On the way back, we pulled over at a lookout point to watch the surfers do some cool tricks and just relax from our really intense drive to Hana.

"You all look like tiny ants from up here!" Name that movie!

One more day of this Maui recap and then back to our normal scheduled program!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


On our second day, we bit the bullet and decided to see the sunrise at Haleakala. We woke up at 3:40 a.m. Maui time and quickly got on the road.

It's a 2 hour drive up to the top where the Visitor's Center is (the first one, anyway) and you have to pay $10 to get into Haleakala National Park. If we'd ever do it again, we'd probably try to show up an hour before sunrise because it gets crowded quickly. But like I said, we're lazy. So we showed up about 15 minutes before sunrise...

Before the sunrise
It's cold and I'm sunburned.

Sun starting to peek through...

It was beautiful and gave me chills (not because it was 40 degrees). We were completely amazed by this display of God's glory. Every day He gives us another sunrise, another day to live and He doesn't have to. Just in awe of His grace to us...

And then we decided to have a fun little photo shoot.

We got in our fill of silly face shots and then proceeded to drive the 2 hour road back to our hotel. As we were leaving, we noticed that there was a road that led to a higher mountain that didn't look crowded at all so my hubs was bummed that he didn't notice that before. I told him that's the beauty of photoshop. It's like those people were never there...

About 10 minutes into our drive back, we noticed another little Visitor's Lookout Center and decided to pull over and check it out. After all, we had driven 2 hours to this place so to hang out for 30 minutes and then leave just seemed like a waste...

It was incredible how high up we are. See the ground level stuff? We came from there but on the other side of the island to the left (which you can't see). Crazy, huh?

More artsy pictures by my amaz-az-ing husband

Okay, look to the left and see that inlet of water? Well our road back went past that inlet and around the mountain to the other side. It's only like 60 miles or something but with all the windy roads and low speed limits, it kind of takes a really long time to get anywhere on Maui.

And then of course... another little photo session. That's how we roll. First I sat on a cliff. It was about a foot drop to the ground. Scary, huh? (You can actually see the ground in this picture.)

Then I snapped some pics while my husband scrambled around on the rocks to find his own cliff.

His was about a million foot drop and my hands are sweating now just thinking about how nervous I was for him. I was safely on some ground at this point but not my hubs. Not only did he find his cliff, he then proceeded to stand on the edge like this.

It's a wonder that I'm not a widow by now.

It took some coaxing by my husband to get me this close to the edge to take this shot. I was clinging to my rock shouting "I won't do it! You can't make me!!!" And then he did.

And I'm kind of glad he did.

Side note: If you ever go to Haleakala, do NOT ride down on a bike tour. I think like 12 tourists almost lost their lives when we were coming down this curvy, windy road. We'd come around a bend and there'd be like 5 bicyclists in the road and my hubs would have to slam on the brakes. The whole trip down, we were marveling at what a horrible idea it was to put inexperienced bikers (including young kids!!!) on a road with drivers going 40 mph around sharp curves and corners. This is where I'd have to agree that there is some kind of Survival of the Fittest (or Smartest) in this world and those bikers were pushing their luck.

Tomorrow I'll tell about our Road to Hana trip. Or at least the part we made it to...