Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blogs and stuff

Like I've said before, it annoys me when people don't post everyday on their blogs. I know, I know... I'm about to condemn myself. The funny thing is when PW doesn't post, it's not like I can call her and be like "What the heck? Why haven't you posted yet?" But in my case it's different. See some of my followers are avid followers and those followers also might happen to have my email/phone number/chat name so when my sister prodded me about having nothing to read since Friday, I decided I'd better post sooner than later.

The truth is, I've been shamefully hiding. Why? Because I'm a failed blogger. Or failger if you will. Or something like that. I love doing projects. I love shopping online and cooking. But as I was making an Cherry Oreo Cheesecake this weekend, I thought to myself, I refuse to take pictures of this (and thereby failed all of you).

Now, the cheesecake is good and I believe I have truly perfected the recipe to my own liking. But I'm not going to share it with you because first of all, I didn't take pictures because I was in a rush to get it done and I'm also extremely lazy. Secondly, it's the recipe you can find on the inside of a Philadelphia Cream Cheese box. Yeah, big surprise that I'm no recipe creating whiz. Thirdly, I don't care if it has cracks or isn't perfectly even - it's about the moistness of the cake. All I want is a moist cheesecake. There's nothing worse - NOTHING - than dried out cheesecake. So 350 degrees for an hour and then leave it in the oven (after you've turned it off of course) for 20 minutes. That's what I call perfecting the recipe. Lastly, a really good cheesecake has to be made the day before you want to eat it. The extra time in the fridge really helps the flavor set in and increases the moistness.

So there you have it. I'm lazy. I make a very good cheesecake following a recipe on a box. I sometimes despise taking pictures of food and having to stop in between to get all the steps. I also will not have any fall decorations pictures for you because I'm not a "fall decorate-y" kind of girl. (Umm... see the 2nd sentence of this paragraph)

BUT here is what fall means to me: boots and sweaters. And I will eat my own keyboard if I don't have tons of fall inspiration outfits for you. Should I be a fashion blogger? Maybe. But for now let's just say I'm a "do-whatever-I-feel-like" blogger. And if at the end of this you don't want to run out and snuggle by a fire with a good book then you're hopeless and I've done all I can.