Monday, September 12, 2011

A preface

Aloha my little bloggy darlings!

Did you miss me?

I must confess. I didn't miss blogging. I missed having emails with your comments to my posts but it was absolutely wonderful to be without the blogging world this past week. I enjoyed myself immensely.

Sometimes, we even forgot to take our phones with us. That's how disconnected we were and we LOVED it.

One thing about Maui is that since it's 3 hours behind us, my eating/sleeping schedule was way off. I was hungry at 4 in the morning and then again at 10 and then strangely again at like 9 at night. Because normally my body is asleep so it ignores my hungry habits but now my body was awake and feeding constantly. Weirdness.

That makes me sound like a baby... with eating/sleeping/pooping schedules. Ha.... Just kidding, I don't poop on schedule. Eww. Why are we talking about that?

Anyway, it kind of made the first few days feel like Saturday's where you sleep in and get too much sleep and then feel kinda groggy and weird the rest of the day. Which is perfect if you decide to lay on a beach all day long.

Which we did.

So since this is a preface, I'll tell you this: I really had a great, fantastic, wonderful, amazing time. I loved it but I can honestly say I'm happy to be back to normal life. The reality displacement was fun for awhile but now that my skin is bronzified and I'm more relaxed than the older sister on Sixteen Candles on her wedding day, I'm happy to be back home with my hubby to our normal life.

My husband on the other hand... well, living on a beach has been his dream for like, ever. I had to pry him away from a palm tree that he was desparately clinging to and we almost missed our flight because we just had to soak up every last minute of Maui time.

Since I'm back to work today, that means back to blogging. Hahaha... I should seriously be fired by now. But back to work also means that I have to try to get my bearings from being gone for a whole week and having someone else do my job.

And this someone else left me little surprises that have doubled my work just trying to figure out what she did and how to fix it. Yay.....

Don't disappear... I'll be back tomorrow with some day by day "Dear Diary" moments of our whole trip...