Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And we're back!

Well, well, well. I have emerged from the pile of paperwork on my desk and the pile of laundry in our apartment. The last beach towel has been washed and our apartment looks like normal (clean but cluttered).

I know I've been missing for a few days but there were no new things going on in my life to blog about (not since I boasted about Maui for a week) and I really really needed to get some work done if I want to stay employed (although unemployment sounds terribly good now that I'm sitting at my desk).

The weather has finally shifted here in Nor Cal and we're experiencing cooler nights and mornings with blazing hot day times. I find that these are the hardest times to dress for. I wake up and it's cold so my brain thinks "jeans and sweater". I also sit in a frigid office all day so my brain thinks "jeans and sweater". However, the instant I walk outside after work and attempt to drive home in the blistering heat, my brain is screaming "WHY WOULD YOU WEAR JEANS AND A SWEATER IN 98 DEGREE WEATHER????"

Then I shout back at my brain about my line of reasoning and we have a little argument for a minute and I decide that shorts will have to do in this weather limbo and my mini desk heater will be working overtime from now on.

Haven't you guys missed me? Or have you not noticed that I've been gone? If it's the second one, that's ok. I probably wouldn't notice me either.

But ooh ooh ooh guess what? My husband (who's building houses in a far away land today) brought home presents for me the other day - leftover lumber from the house building!!! Our patio is now overflowing with random pieces of wood and I'm doing some serious thinking about what to do with it. Visions of homemade bookshelves are dancing in my head.

Also, look what he found in a dumpster! I'm not sure what the hook thingy's are for but I stuck it on a shelf and that seems to work to hold our mail now. Aren't we cool? We're dumpster divers. Well, the hubs is but I support him so there's no shame.

"Back to you in the studio!" Name that movie! (That's a hard one but here's a hint: it's followed by the main character reviewing a video of the interview she just finished taping)

But seriously. Back to you. How have you guys been?

Oh and some favorites I forgot to include in the last post...

So this is love...