Thursday, September 15, 2011

The (partial) Road to Hana

Thursday was snorkel day but I'll have to hold off on that recap until I get some pictures developed in 4-6 months. Friday we decided to drive the Road to Hana. We brought along snacks and waters and prepared ourselves for a full day of driving and hiking.

After about an hour, before the road to Hana starts, you pass through the airport and a bunch of stores and restaurants. We reached this point at about 10 a.m. and decided we were both hungry so we got a Little Caesar's pizza because we're classy like that and we only have the finest dining while on vacation.

Munching on pizza, we passed through Paia, the hippie town and a beach where a bunch of surfers were showing off their skills. Finally the official Road to Hana started. We had seen the Twin Falls and Garden of Eden spots on the map and decided those would be our 2 major stops.

We passed Mile Marker 1.

At Mile Marker 2, we saw the signs for Twin Falls and pulled over. Brian was excited because parking on the muddy roadside was the extent of our offroading for the week. I could bore you with tons of pictures of all the cool things we saw but I decided to pick a few favorites.

I told Brian to just keep walking and I'd take a pic. This is what I got.

The first "small" waterfall

Sometimes our "trail" was walking across logs or tiny brick walls, as demonstrated below

The second waterfall and a guy who had just done a backflip off the top
It took us about an hour and a half to hike to both waterfalls and come back. We had both worn flip flops which actually worked out because the trail wasn't too difficult and to get to the second waterfall, we had to wade through a rocky creek.

After trudging back to our car it was about 1 o'clock. We looked at each other. Thought about the drive back. Decided that 2 miles into the Road to Hana, we'd seen the lot and felt thoroughly satisfied.

We had a good laugh about it in the car, imagining telling people that out of the 34 miles to the little town of Hana, we made it 2. But hey, that's just who we are. We enjoyed the scenery. We did a little exercise. We hiked. And we have ridiculously low tourist standards so we were pretty happy with what we got to see.

On the way back, we pulled over at a lookout point to watch the surfers do some cool tricks and just relax from our really intense drive to Hana.

"You all look like tiny ants from up here!" Name that movie!

One more day of this Maui recap and then back to our normal scheduled program!