Friday, September 16, 2011

Beach days

I saved all of our beach pictures for last because this is what we spent 80% of our time doing in Maui (the other 20% we spent watching Storage Wars which we got hooked on. Unfortunately, we don't have cable at home so we can't really be hooked on it anymore...).

The beach.

Laying on chairs, playing in the water, snorkeling, swimming, taking long walks along the shore, watching the sunset - it was all wonderful and beautiful and relaxing.

Took this with my phone

And a few sunset pictures with the handy dandy helpful use of a tripod...



My husband is silly. But I love him. :)

He got carried away taking some artsy photos and risking the life of our camera so near the water...

On our last day there, we built a monument to the foolish man who builds his house on the sand. Yes, we're grownups and we built what some might classify as a "sand castle" but whatev. We had fun and people were impressed and all taking pictures of it and oohing and aahing which we thought was kind of weird.

So that's it... Maui was fun and relaxing and everything we hoped and dreamed it would be... Now that I've rubbed it in your faces for a week, we'll get back to the usual stuff.