Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Furniture and stuff

Distressed furniture.

I don't get it.

We have a coffee table that was painted black and thanks to 5 years of actually being used, it's naturally distressed and I really don't like the way it looks. I have plans to sand it down to the wood and seal it like I did with the matching side table. Because both were free, I have no qualms about spending a little time and money to bring it back to its former glory.

But purposefully distressing furniture. it's all over Pinterest. I see it all the time. WHY? You just spent hours sanding and priming and painting and now you're going to go at it with sandpaper? Seriously, are you nuts?

I mean, I can understand that it is a fad right now. But it's definitely not one I want to be a part of. Once I finished painting Allie's bookshelf cubby thing, I didn't want her to go near it because she's a toddler and naturally destructive. Eventually she had to and turns out it has stood up to her abuse quite well but still. ALL THAT HARD WORK TO MAKE IT LOOK NICE. And then you go and ruin it. RUIN.

Okay fine, maybe I'm biased and this is only my opinion.

My next rant: chalkboard paint.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Trends then and now

I don't know what my style is called... Trendy, comfortable, mom? Is "mom" a style? Anyway, I was at Target the other day and walking past the junior section, I was pretty surprised at what was going on. What's the trend these days? Well, just about everything. Hippie lace vests and floral bell-bottoms from the 70's, crop tops and acid wash from the 90s, mod psychedelic dresses from the 60's.

I never though acid wash jeans would come back into style. I should've kept my faded floral cotton dresses that were so popular in junior high. That is, when I was in junior high. I also should've told my mom to keep all the stuff she wore in high school because I swear I saw the exact same floral, poufy sleeved dresses.

And Birkenstocks. Nothing could've shocked me more to see these come back into style. Now I'll admit that they do look adorable on some people but I just don't get it. I even tried some on at Target to give them a second chance. Nope. I felt like I should've been wearing knee length cargo shorts, a khaki canvas polo and carrying a butterfly net with some sort of safari hat. They just didn't look good on me and I'm perfectly okay with that. I've got my eye on another set of sandals anyway.

All that to say, I really like embracing my own style. Sure I can pick and choose from what is "in" but it really comes down to what I'm comfortable in and expressing myself in my own way. And having a few classic, timeless pieces in your closet goes a long way, I think. That is what I find so appealing about fashion.

I'm just really bummed that I got rid of my overalls.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

You know you're old when...

  • You read something written by teenagers like "That is so goals" and have no idea what they're talking about. Tumblr? Snapchat? I don't even know. I'm barely on Instagram and Pinterest.
  • You start buying furniture that matches. My motto as a 20-something year old was "Any furniture is better than sitting on the floor." Now I'm actually able to start acquiring things that look good together. 
  • 9 pm sounds really late to you. Even when I was a 20-something year old, I never really stayed up too late. But now, by the time we get the girls ready for bed, in bed, back in bed (for the toddler), clean up the dinner dishes, get ready for the next day, it's all I can do to brush my teeth before I can collapse in bed knowing in just a few hours, I'll be awakened by a crying baby.
  • You start spending money on lawn mowers, area rugs, and bedding instead of spending it on clothes, eating out every day, and trips. But you know what else? You spend your money on whatever you want. A whole roll of Nestle Tollhouse cookie dough? As a kid, not a chance your mom would buy that for you. As an adult, don't mind if I do!
  • Speaking of trips, as a 20-something year old my trips were fun, relaxing, low-key. As an old person, they're low-key alright. Because all I want to do on a trip is sleep. Uninterrupted. For 3 days straight. And don't even get me started on the packing difference. TWO WHOLE EXTRA SUITCASES FOR BABIES AND THEY'RE TINIER THAN I AM.
  • Things hurt. You bend over to pick up a baby and your back aches. You wash the dishes and your feet hurt. You wear high heels and your knees ache. The list goes on.
  • You start to see trends come back in that were in style when you were a kid. Oh my... the trends! That'll be tomorrow's post.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Today I'm going to speak out on a topic that is very dear to my heart. It might cause some controversy but I'm okay with that.

I'm here to tell you... that leggings are pants.

I know. "Inappropriate!" you say. "Immodest!" "Shows things that should never be seen!"

And to an extent, I agree with you. Leggings can be worn as pants when a) working out or b) wearing something long enough to cover your derriere.

So I guess that's a caveat and you can do with it what you will. But I will continue to wear my leggings as pants with tunics and long, baggy shirts that cover up my love handles because I WANT TO.

But I'm also here today to tell you about these amazing leggings. Old Navy isn't paying me to promote them, but they totally should because I will sell you on these bad boys before you reach the end of the post.

They're comfortable. Oh so comfortable. They don't ride up/down like their jersey counterparts. They're compression which means they compress your fat. They're stretchy but they don't end up sagging around your knees by the end of the day. They're just the best thing ever and I don't know if I will ever look at another pair of leggings the same way.

If that doesn't change your mind, let me show you how they can be worn multiple ways.

Leggings 6 ways

See? Now when you buy these make sure you tell them who sent you. I mean, they won't care but still, it'll make me feel better.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Even bigger Disney nerds

There's nothing that says "Disney nerds" like wearing Disney paraphernalia to Disneyland but nothing says it even more when it's matchy matchy. (*Bonus points if the whole family is wearing matching tie-dye shirts that say "{insert last name} DISNEYLAND TRIP {insert year}".)

That said, I decided to just be that mom that dresses her girls in matching clothes. Yep. And normally I wouldn't go for camo anything but it just paired so lovely with the pink shirt, I couldn't resist.

Disney girls 2

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blogging and style and ambitions

I would love to be a style blogger but there are a few problems with that. One, I usually wear exercise clothes every day. Not because I'm too lazy to get dressed and put effort into my look (because you better believe I coordinate even my exercise outfits) but because if I don't put on workout clothes first thing, I somehow don't end up working out that day. It's like I'm already dressed for one thing and to change into workout clothes to do exercise (which isn't appealing in the first place) seems like such a hassle. I know, the ultimate lazy excuse.

But secondly, I can't be a style blogger because I never take pictures of what I wear when I do actually get dressed up. I could probably ask Allie to snap some shots but then it would be of the ground and maybe my outfit up to my chest. Or I would have a really awkward unflattering facial expression. Or I wouldn't know what to do with my hands. Or my feet. Obviously, I'm not a model and my general awkwardness around cameras isn't doing me any favors.

All that to say, I think I do have a few good outfit ideas and I do want to share with you the deals that I find so I'm going to attempt that. Not that I have anything for you today. This is just a "hey, here's something I'm thinking of doing so tell me if you'll love it or hate it before I spend a ton of time and energy on it" sort of thing.

Ah blogging. I love that I can type my thoughts and who cares if they don't make sense because it's like having a conversation with me in person and half the time, I don't make sense. To be fair though, that might be because I spend all day conversing with a 2 year old.

Monday, April 13, 2015

10 Tips for Travel with Toddlers: Flying

Since Allie has been born, she's flown at least 10 times in our visits to So Cal and Maui. I decided to compile a list of some travel tips because this is my blog and I do what I want.

  1. Plan... but be flexible. This is the first tip because as much planning ahead you do, curveballs happen and you have to just roll with it. If you've already made your peace with this, you'll be able to handle anything that gets thrown your way.
  2. Make a packing list. Be sure to include things you'll need for the trip as well as things for the flight and remember to pack for the return flight! Don't forget the birth certificates! Airports require a birth certificate for any lap child. You can make a copy so you don't have to carry around the actual document. 
  3. Snacks. Whenever Allie started to get a bit antsy, we could always distract her for a few extra minutes with some snacks. Pack the usual stuff they eat but include some extra treats that they don't get to have often, like mini Oreos or Teddy Grahams. I've heard that Dum Dum lollipops are good for take-off and landing but my girls have never had a problem with the change in pressure so don't take my word for it. I also bring candied ginger to deal with any motion sickness (for me or Allie).
  4. Entertainment. For our long flight to Maui, I filled Allie's backpack with small toys, window clings, coloring books and crayons, stickers, lace cards, etc. Most of it you can find in the $1 bins at Target but I kept these activities put away and only took them out for this trip so it's not a toy she's bored of but something special that she actually wanted to play with. If all else fails, a movie on an iPhone or iPad would work I'm sure (we haven't had to resort to this yet). Just don't forget some toddler headphones so the whole plane doesn't have to listen to Tangled.
  5. Clothes. Pack an extra outfit for everyone. Yes, even you. I usually throw an extra pair of underwear and leggings into the stroller bag. I learned that lesson really quick after my first flight with Allie when she threw up all over my lap and then proceeded to sleep there the rest of the flight. Nothing like getting off an airplane wearing a soggy, sweaty pair of pants.
  6. If you don't have a baby carrier, get one! Going through the airport, we usually let Allie walk and I put Maddie in our Ergo (if we're not bringing the stroller). It's so much easier to be hands free when you're toting all the luggage. Even after checking it in, you still have a diaper bag, purse, toddler's backpack, and husband's backpack. They'll make you take it off at security (which is a bummer if the baby fell asleep) and for take-off but the benefits way outweigh the inconvenience. Ergo just came out with a new carrier that lets you do forward facing and rear facing which I'm seriously considering splurging on!
  7. Plan what time you need to be there and then add 30 minutes to that. It never fails that when we think we need to be there at a certain time, someone poops, someone is napping, traffic is bad, etc. and then we're running through the terminal trying to catch a flight that's already boarded and ready for takeoff. It's always better when we have extra time because then we can hang out and let the girls run around for a bit before they're confined to an airplane seat. 
  8. TSA hates babies. Just kidding, they love them. If you are traveling with an infant, they'll let you bring liquid on as long as it's "for the baby". They'll test it but it's allowed. Also, they'll let you walk through the metal detector (instead of the one where you have to stand like a criminal) but they will test your hands for bomb-making residue. Crazy as it sounds, it's true. Some airports will even let you go through the handicap line if you have a stroller (which will also need to be swabbed for residue). Just avoid making comments about possible poop bombs going off in baby's diaper. They don't find it funny. Also most airlines have a family boarding time (for Southwest it's after the A boarding group) so you don't have to worry about that.
  9. Car seat and stroller bag: Southwest will let you carry on a car seat if the flight is not full. It will just need to be strapped into a window seat but makes life a lot easier especially if you need somewhere to put a sleeping baby during the flight. We have this Brica bag for Allie's toddler car seat which tore after 2 flights but we duck taped it and it still does the job. I like that it has a pocket in the front that we can stuff sweaters, blankets, and diapers into. Stroller bag: We usually take our double stroller (which I will sing the praises of in another post) through the airport and then pack it into this JL Childress bag and check it at the gate. It doesn't feel like the sturdiest bag but it hasn't torn yet and it fits our City Select, 2 seats, and the car seat adapter (we have to remove one of the large wheels but it's super easy to do). Maybe I'll do a YouTube video of it sometime. 
  10. Have fun! Most airline and airport employees are willing to make your life a little easier since you're traveling with babes. My sister said on her last flight back a girl Allie's age got to visit the cockpit with her mom. But if you're relaxed and not stressed, you'll be able to handle anything from a blowout mid-flight to a baby who refuses to nap on a 5 hour flight.
 Well those are my 10 tips for traveling with a toddler... next, 10 tips for Disneyland with babies!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Disney Nerds

Well you better believe I'm already counting down the days to our Disneyland trip. I love that Allie is excited too (although she hardly comprehends how long it will be until we go). For that reason, I think one day we just have to be Disney nerds. Can we just do that one day?

This feminine Minnie hoodie from Neff is the perfect way to do that and still be chic and comfy. And don't even get me started on the vintage looking tees from Baby Gap. You may have noticed that I paired a skirt with pants and lest you think that's a mistake, it's a totally normal occurrence around these parts. Perks of a toddler who has a thing for twirly dresses/skirts and likes to dress herself. Maddie will be one year old (!) which means too young to really be excited about Disneyland but not too young to color coordinate with mom and big sis.

200 days!

Disney girls 1

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Monday feelings on a Wednesday

It's 7:18 in the morning and both girls are still sleeping.

Sometimes when this happens, I miss them. Crazy right? I feel like I have a million things to do, all way too loud so I do nothing but today, I decided to blog. I don't have any good ideas for a post so I'm just spilling the words in my head.

I'm down 5 lbs. It's not much and it fluctuates from morning to night but I'll take it. 10 lbs to go. Or at least a few inches in my waist/hips/rear area so I can put on normal pants/shorts again. But stretchy waist maternity bottoms are so comfortable it's going to be really hard to make the switch. In fact I've already purchased these pants from H&M in denim and green to make the transition a little easier. Yes they go all the way up to my belly button. Yes they're super stretchy. I love them.

Maddie started crawling and is already pulling herself up and walking with help. She's only 9 months old!!! Allie didn't crawl/walk til after she turned 1 so I'm just not ready for this yet. The plus side? I have to do some shoe shopping for Mads. I'll probably end up with these Saltwater sandals in white since summer is upon us (although you wouldn't know it from the thunder storm we had yesterday).

Family visits have come and gone all too quickly so I'm counting down the days until we see them again. For my parents, it will be in July (their annual summer trip) but my older sister we might not see until November. My parents gifted us with a trip to Disneyland (again). I know! I'm so spoiled! Brian's parents in Maui that we get to visit and my parents spoiling us with Disneyland trips. I know! God is blessing us tremendously and even more so, Allie and Maddie. They'll have gone to Maui twice before they turn 3 (Maddie before she turns 1!) I didn't go to Maui until I was in college and went with my roommate! And Disneyland trips happened once in a great while until I was in high school and working and could pay for my own pass. These girls are blessed beyond their needs and I'm so thankful for that.

So that means a countdown to our trips here on the blog and of course some outfit posts. Speaking of outfits, I organized and packed the girls clothes yesterday (just stuff that doesn't fit) and it filled 5 large containers. Mind you, their closet and dresser are both full with things that do fit. A girl really can never have too many clothes, right? But 2 girls (and their shop-a-holic mom)? Well... it might be close.