Thursday, April 9, 2015

Disney Nerds

Well you better believe I'm already counting down the days to our Disneyland trip. I love that Allie is excited too (although she hardly comprehends how long it will be until we go). For that reason, I think one day we just have to be Disney nerds. Can we just do that one day?

This feminine Minnie hoodie from Neff is the perfect way to do that and still be chic and comfy. And don't even get me started on the vintage looking tees from Baby Gap. You may have noticed that I paired a skirt with pants and lest you think that's a mistake, it's a totally normal occurrence around these parts. Perks of a toddler who has a thing for twirly dresses/skirts and likes to dress herself. Maddie will be one year old (!) which means too young to really be excited about Disneyland but not too young to color coordinate with mom and big sis.

200 days!

Disney girls 1