Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Monday feelings on a Wednesday

It's 7:18 in the morning and both girls are still sleeping.

Sometimes when this happens, I miss them. Crazy right? I feel like I have a million things to do, all way too loud so I do nothing but today, I decided to blog. I don't have any good ideas for a post so I'm just spilling the words in my head.

I'm down 5 lbs. It's not much and it fluctuates from morning to night but I'll take it. 10 lbs to go. Or at least a few inches in my waist/hips/rear area so I can put on normal pants/shorts again. But stretchy waist maternity bottoms are so comfortable it's going to be really hard to make the switch. In fact I've already purchased these pants from H&M in denim and green to make the transition a little easier. Yes they go all the way up to my belly button. Yes they're super stretchy. I love them.

Maddie started crawling and is already pulling herself up and walking with help. She's only 9 months old!!! Allie didn't crawl/walk til after she turned 1 so I'm just not ready for this yet. The plus side? I have to do some shoe shopping for Mads. I'll probably end up with these Saltwater sandals in white since summer is upon us (although you wouldn't know it from the thunder storm we had yesterday).

Family visits have come and gone all too quickly so I'm counting down the days until we see them again. For my parents, it will be in July (their annual summer trip) but my older sister we might not see until November. My parents gifted us with a trip to Disneyland (again). I know! I'm so spoiled! Brian's parents in Maui that we get to visit and my parents spoiling us with Disneyland trips. I know! God is blessing us tremendously and even more so, Allie and Maddie. They'll have gone to Maui twice before they turn 3 (Maddie before she turns 1!) I didn't go to Maui until I was in college and went with my roommate! And Disneyland trips happened once in a great while until I was in high school and working and could pay for my own pass. These girls are blessed beyond their needs and I'm so thankful for that.

So that means a countdown to our trips here on the blog and of course some outfit posts. Speaking of outfits, I organized and packed the girls clothes yesterday (just stuff that doesn't fit) and it filled 5 large containers. Mind you, their closet and dresser are both full with things that do fit. A girl really can never have too many clothes, right? But 2 girls (and their shop-a-holic mom)? Well... it might be close.