Monday, June 30, 2014

Maddie Jane

Maddie Jane Reiner was born Saturday, June 28th at 5:44 am. She weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and is 19.5". She looks pretty much exactly like Allie did when she was born so it's official: we make the most adorablest babies. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

About Me

Since I'm still waiting for this baby to pop out, I thought I'd participate in a little blogging get-to-know-you thingy. Here goes!

1. Favorite color? Green but if you looked at my closet, you'd say gray.
2. Favorite Movie? Ooh... tough one. Lately, Persuasion. All time? The Mummy Returns. Weird, right? Don't judge.
3. What’s your special talent? Being really funny. Is that a talent? Okay, I can also roll my tongue and lick my elbow. Just kidding about the elbow one.
4. Morning Person or Night Owl? Depends. I can stay up late but I prefer to get an early start on the day. Also, I don't usually have a choice between being a person and an owl, but I'm going to say I'd rather be a person.
5. Where were you born? East L.A. Because I'm so hardcore like that.
6. Favorite Season? Summer in So Cal. Spring in Nor Cal. #4 of Friends.
7. Do you have/want kids? I almost have 2 kids and I want both of them. So, no I won't share.
8. Least favorite household chore? Cleaning the toilet. For obvious reasons.
9. Favorite Song? And Can It Be which is a hymn, but my favorite song to sing out loud is Defying Gravity because I like the way my husband looks at me when I hit the high notes. It's so cute when he looks like he wants to smother me. :D
10.Why did you start your blog? Because I like to write and secretly, I think I'm really funny.
11.What’s the most important trait you look for in a friend? The ability to laugh. At other people. With me.

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Friday List

This week has been insanely busy. We're working like crazy to get stuff done before this baby puts a halt to all productivity. As I type this, I'm procrastinating making our bed, finishing the other blackout curtain panel for Allie's room, and tidying up our bedroom floors to roll out the new area rug. But my readers are more important than all that. Right? Right. So Friday list!
  • My due date is on Monday. I'm not sure how I feel. I swing between thinking it could happen tonight and wondering if she's gonna take her sweet time and come after Brian goes back to work in a week and a half. The good thing is that he'll get more time off and my sister will be around to watch Allie while we're in the hospital. The bad thing is I'm secretly hoping she comes sooner so I can have an excuse to not do all this work I need to do. *Sigh...
  • Last week I was doing some half-hearted searching for an area rug for our bedroom when I decided to check Target. They were having a 20% off deal for area rugs so I figured I'd see what they had. Turns out I found this Threshold rug for $150 for a 7'x10' that looked pretty similar to the dream rug I wanted from West Elm. It looked a bit rough for a bedroom, but since it was over $50, shipping was free. Worst case scenario, it would be way to rough for my softy feet and I'd have to lug it back to the store to return it. It arrived Tuesday but I haven't opened it up to see how it feels yet. I'd go do it now that I'm thinking about it but it's all the way in the living room. Like 25 feet away. Too far. I mean, come on. I'm 39.5 weeks pregnant and sitting in bed. The far side of my nightstand is too far.
  • Speaking of lazy bums, I have so much to blog about! We installed our island, started pouring concrete counters, started working on the open shelves for the kitchen, finished half of Allie's blackout curtains, unpacked kitchen stuff, and started working on the bathroom that has been gutted for the past 2 months! By we, I mostly mean Brian (except for the curtains and unpacking).
  • Allie has been loving having him home all week. It's like she doesn't even need me anymore. She wants dad to put on her shoes, open her snacks, get her milk, read her books. It's actually very precious and I'm glad for the break. Plus she still asks for me at night when she's getting ready for sleep so I guess she hasn't totally forgotten about me. It will hopefully make the transition of a new baby taking up my time easier on her though.
  • New baby. Gah. When I was close to my due date with Allie, I at least had the diaper bag ready to go. I packed my clothes and toiletries in about 5 minutes before leaving and that was it. Easy peasy. With this one, I really should have the diaper bag ready, plus my stuff, plus a bag for Allie (since she'll be hanging out and maybe sleeping over with a friend while we're at the hospital. Like she's a teenager or something.) Go ahead and ask me what I have ready. Hint: the answer is nothing. Once again, I should do it now that I'm thinking about it but it'll just be so much more exciting to be rushing and packing at the last minute, while having contractions. Don't you think?
Happy Friday! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Painting Raw Wood Furniture

Back when we were planning out the girls' nursery, I knew I wanted the Ikea Expedit for toy/clothes storage. But I didn't want to pay $200 for it (side note: the Kallax replaced the Expedit and it's only $65 so in hindsight, I'd probably have avoided this whole thing and just bought that but oh well!)

I commissioned my dad and uncle to make a replica using pine. I text'd him all the measurements because I knew I wanted to still be able to use the storage containers that Ikea sells (like these Branas baskets). I had him leave it in its natural state until I figured out if I wanted to paint it or stain it.

With the due date approaching, I decided it was time to get it done. I sanded the whole thing down and painted one coat of the same paint that we were using on the doors and trims. MISTAKE #1. I should've done a coat of primer, but we'll blame that on the pregnancy brain because it literally never crossed my mind. After it was dry, I caulked all the corners to make things look a bit more seamless. MISTAKE #2 (you'll see why in a minute)

After letting it dry for a day, I noticed that the wood felt course and rough with a bunch of bumps in it. So I did what any normal person in our day and age does when faced with a problem. I turned to the trusty internet. Turns out raw wood needs oil based paint to get a smooth finish. The water base in the first coat of paint had caused the wood to swell in certain spots which gave it the rough grainy feeling. The more you know.

Brian was leery of using oil based paint for nursery furniture so I went to Home Depot to scope out what they had available. I found Rustoleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover latex paint in semi-gloss white and since it said it was specifically for wood furniture, I decided to go for it.

I had to sand the whole thing down again, which caused some of the caulking to peel off. In hindsight, I should've waited to caulk after sanding, before painting, except I didn't know I was going to have to re-sand so I'll excuse that one. So I re-caulked the seams and painted a coat of the Rustoleum paint with a foam roller (using a brush for the corners). After a few hours it had already dried and the wood was smooth to the touch. Success!

Moral of the story: you probably shouldn't attempt big projects while on the pregnancy brain. I obviously didn't learn my lesson and actually made this same mistake on the hall closet. But that's another story for another day.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Husband the Pyromaniac

I smell like a bonfire. But for the people who really know my husband, this comes as no surprise.

We have a neighborhood clean-up 3 times a year where you can set out a huge pile of trash (usually stuff that doesn't fit in your trash can) and the city comes by and picks it up. There's been a pile of wood sitting on the side of the house ever since we moved in (meaning it's probably mean there upwards of a few years).

Brian and his brother were tossing it in the wheelbarrow to take it out to the front when they discovered a whole colony of termites.

Brian: "Well I know how to deal with this..." (walks away)

Me: "5 bucks says he's getting something that has to do with fire."

Brian's brother: "Yep."

Brian: (walks out a few minutes later with a jug of gasoline, a torch, and a fire extinguisher because, you know, safety first) "What? You didn't really think I'd pass up an opportunity for this, did you?"

Me: *sigh... (pulls out phone to take pictures) "Well I have to have some photographic evidence to show your parents what you two are up to."

So now I smell like a bonfire (and let's just say no plank of wood was left unburnt). But hey, we just saved a few thousand dollars in termite extermination fees... so, win-win-win.

Monday, June 2, 2014

House Update: Kitchen and Nursery

Well we made some good progress this weekend! If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen these pics but if not, here they are! I finally painted the bookshelf that my dad made for Allie's room. I'll have to do a post on the painting process later since I learned a few things about painting raw wood.

I unpacked and organized all of the newborn stuff and Allie's books (and a few toys) so that it looked all pretty. And then she promptly made a mess of it. But the most important part is it's a mess that is contained in her room instead of our room, the hallway, the living room, and outside.

We'd been trying to keep her room empty so we wouldn't have to clean it all out to paint and then put everything back. So it's nice to finally have a place to toss all her toys where she can be happily entertained for hours. Seriously it's like Christmas for her now that she has all her books back. #bookworm

I spent the weekend installing all of the shelves, drawers, and doors on our Ikea cabinets. Not terribly difficult, just a bit time consuming. Brian and his brother installed the range hood, which actually ended up being a bit more tricky than we had thought since there was a truss in the way with the new stove location. But they figured it out and got it installed. And now our kitchen looks like this!

We also organized the great room and used a heavy duty shop vac to vacuum the ENTIRE floor. I ripped up all the paper in the bedrooms that have flooring finished (even though our room isn't painted yet) so things are already feeling less "construction zone" and more "home".

The next steps are building the island, then installing counters and appliances. I'll have Brian do the open shelving if we have time but I'm feeling pretty good about things even if this baby decided to show up tomorrow.

An updated list since it feels SO GOOD to cross things off of it!
  • Nursery
    • Install closet system, new outlets/switches and fan (Brian will do all this)
    • Unpack and organize Allie's stuff and newborn stuff
    • Make blackout curtains (I already have Ikea Lenda curtains and the blackout fabric so I just need to throw some Heat 'n Bond in between them. Easy peasy.)
  • Kitchen
    • Install range hood, counters, sink and faucet (Brian will do all this)
    • Install all the shelves, drawers, and doors in/on the kitchen cabinet
    • Build island wall and install island cabinets and counter
    • Install handles and knobs on doors and drawers
    • Buy and install open shelves (since we didn't do any upper cabinets)
    • Unpack and organize kitchen stuff