Wednesday, June 18, 2014

About Me

Since I'm still waiting for this baby to pop out, I thought I'd participate in a little blogging get-to-know-you thingy. Here goes!

1. Favorite color? Green but if you looked at my closet, you'd say gray.
2. Favorite Movie? Ooh... tough one. Lately, Persuasion. All time? The Mummy Returns. Weird, right? Don't judge.
3. What’s your special talent? Being really funny. Is that a talent? Okay, I can also roll my tongue and lick my elbow. Just kidding about the elbow one.
4. Morning Person or Night Owl? Depends. I can stay up late but I prefer to get an early start on the day. Also, I don't usually have a choice between being a person and an owl, but I'm going to say I'd rather be a person.
5. Where were you born? East L.A. Because I'm so hardcore like that.
6. Favorite Season? Summer in So Cal. Spring in Nor Cal. #4 of Friends.
7. Do you have/want kids? I almost have 2 kids and I want both of them. So, no I won't share.
8. Least favorite household chore? Cleaning the toilet. For obvious reasons.
9. Favorite Song? And Can It Be which is a hymn, but my favorite song to sing out loud is Defying Gravity because I like the way my husband looks at me when I hit the high notes. It's so cute when he looks like he wants to smother me. :D
10.Why did you start your blog? Because I like to write and secretly, I think I'm really funny.
11.What’s the most important trait you look for in a friend? The ability to laugh. At other people. With me.