Monday, June 2, 2014

House Update: Kitchen and Nursery

Well we made some good progress this weekend! If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen these pics but if not, here they are! I finally painted the bookshelf that my dad made for Allie's room. I'll have to do a post on the painting process later since I learned a few things about painting raw wood.

I unpacked and organized all of the newborn stuff and Allie's books (and a few toys) so that it looked all pretty. And then she promptly made a mess of it. But the most important part is it's a mess that is contained in her room instead of our room, the hallway, the living room, and outside.

We'd been trying to keep her room empty so we wouldn't have to clean it all out to paint and then put everything back. So it's nice to finally have a place to toss all her toys where she can be happily entertained for hours. Seriously it's like Christmas for her now that she has all her books back. #bookworm

I spent the weekend installing all of the shelves, drawers, and doors on our Ikea cabinets. Not terribly difficult, just a bit time consuming. Brian and his brother installed the range hood, which actually ended up being a bit more tricky than we had thought since there was a truss in the way with the new stove location. But they figured it out and got it installed. And now our kitchen looks like this!

We also organized the great room and used a heavy duty shop vac to vacuum the ENTIRE floor. I ripped up all the paper in the bedrooms that have flooring finished (even though our room isn't painted yet) so things are already feeling less "construction zone" and more "home".

The next steps are building the island, then installing counters and appliances. I'll have Brian do the open shelving if we have time but I'm feeling pretty good about things even if this baby decided to show up tomorrow.

An updated list since it feels SO GOOD to cross things off of it!
  • Nursery
    • Install closet system, new outlets/switches and fan (Brian will do all this)
    • Unpack and organize Allie's stuff and newborn stuff
    • Make blackout curtains (I already have Ikea Lenda curtains and the blackout fabric so I just need to throw some Heat 'n Bond in between them. Easy peasy.)
  • Kitchen
    • Install range hood, counters, sink and faucet (Brian will do all this)
    • Install all the shelves, drawers, and doors in/on the kitchen cabinet
    • Build island wall and install island cabinets and counter
    • Install handles and knobs on doors and drawers
    • Buy and install open shelves (since we didn't do any upper cabinets)
    • Unpack and organize kitchen stuff