Friday, June 13, 2014

A Friday List

This week has been insanely busy. We're working like crazy to get stuff done before this baby puts a halt to all productivity. As I type this, I'm procrastinating making our bed, finishing the other blackout curtain panel for Allie's room, and tidying up our bedroom floors to roll out the new area rug. But my readers are more important than all that. Right? Right. So Friday list!
  • My due date is on Monday. I'm not sure how I feel. I swing between thinking it could happen tonight and wondering if she's gonna take her sweet time and come after Brian goes back to work in a week and a half. The good thing is that he'll get more time off and my sister will be around to watch Allie while we're in the hospital. The bad thing is I'm secretly hoping she comes sooner so I can have an excuse to not do all this work I need to do. *Sigh...
  • Last week I was doing some half-hearted searching for an area rug for our bedroom when I decided to check Target. They were having a 20% off deal for area rugs so I figured I'd see what they had. Turns out I found this Threshold rug for $150 for a 7'x10' that looked pretty similar to the dream rug I wanted from West Elm. It looked a bit rough for a bedroom, but since it was over $50, shipping was free. Worst case scenario, it would be way to rough for my softy feet and I'd have to lug it back to the store to return it. It arrived Tuesday but I haven't opened it up to see how it feels yet. I'd go do it now that I'm thinking about it but it's all the way in the living room. Like 25 feet away. Too far. I mean, come on. I'm 39.5 weeks pregnant and sitting in bed. The far side of my nightstand is too far.
  • Speaking of lazy bums, I have so much to blog about! We installed our island, started pouring concrete counters, started working on the open shelves for the kitchen, finished half of Allie's blackout curtains, unpacked kitchen stuff, and started working on the bathroom that has been gutted for the past 2 months! By we, I mostly mean Brian (except for the curtains and unpacking).
  • Allie has been loving having him home all week. It's like she doesn't even need me anymore. She wants dad to put on her shoes, open her snacks, get her milk, read her books. It's actually very precious and I'm glad for the break. Plus she still asks for me at night when she's getting ready for sleep so I guess she hasn't totally forgotten about me. It will hopefully make the transition of a new baby taking up my time easier on her though.
  • New baby. Gah. When I was close to my due date with Allie, I at least had the diaper bag ready to go. I packed my clothes and toiletries in about 5 minutes before leaving and that was it. Easy peasy. With this one, I really should have the diaper bag ready, plus my stuff, plus a bag for Allie (since she'll be hanging out and maybe sleeping over with a friend while we're at the hospital. Like she's a teenager or something.) Go ahead and ask me what I have ready. Hint: the answer is nothing. Once again, I should do it now that I'm thinking about it but it'll just be so much more exciting to be rushing and packing at the last minute, while having contractions. Don't you think?
Happy Friday!