Arts 'n Crafts

Well the all-too-short weekend is over but since it's Monday and August, I have arts 'n crafts pictures for you guys.

I decided to embellish a T-shirt. Here's me modeling it (in the direct sunlight so excuse the awkward squinty faces).

Oh you can't see it? Well here it is again. Don't be scared intimidated by my lack of caarrraaazy modeling skills.

And here's me looking away from the camera because I'm too ashamed to show my face again.

Anyway, this is how I made it. Please excuse the bad pictures. I had to take them because my husband was working and I still don't know all the right settings for indoor stuff...

First, I took an old shirt and cut off the bottom.

The reason I used an old shirt was because I knew I wanted gray and that was the only gray I had on hand. Plus felt would've been way too stiff for a shirt. So from there I cut a strip about 2 inches wide.

Then I tied one end into a knot.

And started twisting and gluing. I glued first because I don't have the dexterity to sew and hold the fabric all twisty. So I put a few spots of hot glue (which will probably wash out) and then went back and sewed it all together.

I forgot to take pictures of the final sewn product. (Is sewn right?) But I did remember to take an artsy one of the tools I used... so that counts, right?

Here's the finished flower...

I made two.

I cut two more strips from muslin fabric and repeated the steps I just showed you.

I cut out "leaves" and a circle from burlap, added a few buttons and then laid it all out to get the right placement of everything.

P.S. I watch movies when I craft. "Or to save on postage I'll just poison him with THIS!" Name that movie!

I pinned the burlap on ....

 ...and took a picture after I had already sewn on the circle. Hey, at least I remembered before I finished sewing it all!

I decided to use a zig zag stitch so the burlap wouldn't fray with a few washes and then for kicks and giggles I sewed lines down the center of the leaves just in case.


I had to hand sew the buttons because I couldn't figure out the button foot attachment on the sewing machine and I didn't have the patience to wait until I could figure it out. Plus sewing buttons is easy...

Then I hand sewed all the flowers on too and here's the final thing...Ta-da!!!

Yay!!! Trumpets and fanfare... success in making a shirt embellishment because I want new clothes and can't buy them...

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