Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vacations, Weddings and Pot Roast

by Steph

I'm going to go backwards. First, the pot roast turned out lovely! The meat was tender and fall-apart-y and all the veggies were cooked through. I pulled some of the juices out, poured into a skillet and added flour to make a thick gravy to serve over it all. It was delicious and yummy and my husband approved! We have a TON of leftovers so it's a good thing he liked it because we'll be having it a few more times...

Is it wedding season? I'm in 2 weddings in May, both in LA, we can lay by the bay, eat some hay, whaddya say? (Name that movie!) Rhyming weirdness aside, I have some serious stuff to get done before those weddings. Centerpieces, bridesmaid shoes, wedding gifts, fun lingerie gifts, pastries to cook, etc. The list goes on!!! I'm trying not to panic... but it's really creeping in. Thankfully, I have Good Friday off of work which means I can get some stuff done with no distractions. Hopefully.

Vacations!!! We're going to Palm Springs in June for Resolved. I don't know if I count it as a vacation because our days will be filled with amazing worship, sermons and fellowship with old friends.

BUT the Lord is so good to us! There is a possibility that we might be able to take our honeymoon after all! Exactly one year after we got married!

When we got married, money was tight and vacation days were in short supply. I took 2 days off work and we drove to Monterey for an overnight trip. (We did, in fact, lay by the bay.) It was wonderful but all too short. We spent the next few weeks being exhausted by all the wedding-and-moving-into-a-new-place-madness. We both knew that eventually we would like to take a real honeymoon but weren't sure how we'd pull that off. Enter: God's goodness and blessings in our lives!

Here are the options:

1. Hawai'i (for obvious reasons)

The famous Ka'anapali Beach has lots of resorts and we'd want to do the fun stuff, like drive the road to Hana, see the sunset at Haleakala and take surf lessons. I think it could be super fun and relaxing too!

2. Eurotrip

This trip will be the most expensive. Also, my husband isn't sold on the idea of spending a week or 2 in a place where they might not serve steaks with A1 Steak Sauce. I'd love to see Europe - Paris, London, Milan - but I also want to relax a bit and I don't think we'd do much of that here.

3. Disneyland / San Diego

This is my favorite for very obvious reasons. I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!! Ever since high school, right up until about a month ago, I've had a season pass. Both my sisters and my parents have passes also so clearly it's a family thing. We go for a few hours, hit up the usual rides (Pirates and Haunted Mansion - maybe Indy if I'm lucky) and then people-watch while we have dinner either at the Planet Pizza or the chili dog place on Main Street.

I like this idea for a few reasons... It would be the cheapest trip. We could rent a car and drive down to San Diego for a few days and hang out at the beach. We could see my family and they might even join us! And I love Disneyland. Did I mention that I love Disneyland? Because I do.

Here's the problem: my husband is not a fan of Disneyland. Maybe it's because he was deprived as a child and only got to go when he was 3 years old and then didn't go for 21 years until he met me. Maybe it's because there's lines and hot weather and stickiness and sweatiness and lots of people and kids and waiting and walking. (To be fair, he has a bad back from pitching so walking and standing for hours really does a number on him.) And because he loves me so, he goes every time I want to go. He'll suck it up and come along for the ride (literally). I'd like to think I'm not a bad wife by torturing my husband with hours of physical pain, but let's be honest - I am. Although, I let him rest in between rides and I make sure we get him some ice cream! I keep offering to rent a wheelchair but he seems to think those are only for the real handicapped people... whatev.

So... which one would you pick?