Monday, April 18, 2011


by Steph

I did not finish DIY wedding projects this weekend.

I did not clean our apartment and make it a peaceful, welcoming place again.

I did not run errands or accomplish anything that I needed to.

For a very good reason, I didn't get anything done this weekend that I was supposed to.

Surprise!!! We went to LA!!!

After a series of confusing events, it turned out that my husband did NOT need to work this weekend. We decided that we wouldn't tell anyone since it was so last minute.

The Lord is so gracious to us and He completely had His hand in all these things that happened in just a few hours.

I surprised both my sisters. They cried. I cried. It was fun. :) Unfortunately, my baby sis is forgetful and mentioned to my mom that we were coming so we weren't able to surprise my parents but it was still fun to see everyone.

Since the trip was so last minute, we didn't have a chance to get together with lots of friends but I did get to have some face time with a few of them, even if it was just a few minutes to chat and hug and scream and laugh and cry and hug.

I am so thankful for the friends we did get to hang out with and most of all for the Lord providing the means to make this quick trip!

We'll be back in LA in 3 weeks for my sister's wedding (insert: panic). I have a lot to do before then!!! And on our drive home, we got a wonderful surprise that might allow us to take our honeymoon finally! The Lord is SO gracious. He takes care of us and always provides - even when we don't know how He will do it! Even when He uses means that we wouldn't expect. We're learning to trust Him more and more for everything.

Oh and this is how my husband drives.

Holding a cup of iced tea and a cup of lemonade and making an on-the-road Arnold Palmer.

Did I mention he was supposed to be driving?