Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friday list

by Steph

This will be a text only post. I've run out of fashion things to blog and I'm too intimidated to keep blogging about food. Did you know there are a bagillion trillion food blogs? People who are way better cooks and way more creative are blogging about recipes that they've been doing for ages. I'm not going to even attempt to be in that category. I'll just be in the "hey, this is me - the over-confident, know-it-all who gets humiliated in the kitchen on a regular basis" category.

I've also decided to take a new approach with my blogging. I'm going to assume only my closest family and friends read this - because I'm fairly certain that's the case. Hi everyone!

I'll still blog about fashion but I'll target the normal every day girl. Not the fashionista living in a high rise apartment of New York. I'll still write about recipes, but I'll be sharing things I learn in the kitchen with my friends and family. I will make NO CLAIMS WHATSOEVER to be a professional chef.

I'm really going to try to figure out how to get more of my own pictures on this blog because I've got a stinkin' awesome camera and lens and I really want to share with you guys how I'm learning to use it.

This is titled Friday list because today is my Friday. I had taken the day off work because my sister's having a lingerie party tomorrow night and a co-ed wedding shower on Saturday in LA. My husband and I made plans to attend both, hoping he would be able to get the time off of work.

He didn't.

I'm doing my very best not to be bummed about it because I know he feels bad and I want to be a supportive, loving wife. I miss my family terribly but I will see them in a few weeks. I decided to still take the day off tomorrow to give myself a chance to catch up on wedding DIY projects for my sister. Also, I've been slacking in the home-care area since I've started on wedding projects so hopefully with my hubby away at work tomorrow I'll make some strides on making our home a welcoming, peaceful place again.

Living 300 miles away from your family is hard. I accepted the change in location, thinking it would be easy peasy. Whenever I miss them, I thought, I'll just hop in my truck and drive there.

Unfortunately, time and money don't allow for that. But God has been so gracious to me and I've been able to rely on Him for the strength to start new here and continue to grow and be sanctified. I'm just going to do a little pro's and con's lists now because I can.

Things I miss (in no particular order):
  • living with my sisters.
  • coffee/sushi dates with amazing, encouraging friends.
  • Grace Comm.
  • Disneyland.
  • the OPTION of going to the beach.
  • internet.
  • Stonefire Grill.
  • Tommy's.
  • I'm hungry.
  • What was I outlining again?
  • Oh yeah, things I miss.
  • I won't even start on the people I miss.
  • You'd get bored.
  • Or you'd start crying because you are probably one of those people and it would depress you.
  • Sharing closets with roommates. Brian is not fashionable and we don't wear the same size clothes. Mind you, his pants are too small for me. Yeah, you just think on that one for awhile.
  • 4 minute commute to work.
Things I don't miss:
  • traffic on any freeway you want to take.
  • This list is short.
Things I like about Sacramento:
  • living with my wonderful, amazing, godly, perfect husband.
  • our church that's committed to the truth! Even if they're all Russian. I'm learning. Privyet and dasvidanya!
  • the H&M at the mall 15 minutes away.
  • my husband's job that he thoroughly enjoys and looks forward to every day, bless his hard-working heart.
  • our $699 a month rent.
  • Adalberto's. Their super nachos will make you fat.
Those are just my attempts to get a better perspective on why God has us here in Northern California at this time. I'm working on having a better attitude and being supportive and Lord help me, sometimes I fail!!! But that's the wonderful thing about His grace. :)

Also, I got my swimsuits from J. Crew yesterday. Yes, I tried them on and proceeded to wear them around the apartment for about 30 minutes. Then it got cold. Yes, I secretly wished I could somehow wear them to work today. Yes, I'm a strange, weird woman. Don't you judge me! Don't you dare judge me, Lizzy! (Name that movie!)

Happy Friday!