Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day

by Steph

Today is April's Fool Day. I'm not much of a prankster, nor am I gullible so it's a pretty blah day for me.

Here comes the outline:
  • I won't even begin to tell you what my husband April Fooled me with. It's disturbing in more ways than one.
  • Last night, I was about to fall asleep and in my head I thought I was falling off the bed so I flailed and jerked but really, I was laying in the middle of the bed and scared my husband out of his wits. Probably why he April Fooled me.
  • It's been on the positive side of 70 degrees all week. I'm ecstatic.
  • Sunny forecast all weekend means I'll be laying by the pool in my swimsuit and floppy hat eating bon bons.
  • Oh yeah, no swimsuit. Yet.
  • And I can't remember what I've done with my floppy hat.
  • And I'm not allowed to eat bon bons. It's not in the budget.
  • But cookie dough I have. And cookie dough I can eat by the pool.
  • I think I'll stop daydreaming about getting fatter in a swimsuit and start thinking about exercising so I don't look like a beached whale this summer.
  • It's Friday! Oh happy joy joy day!
  • These are my random thoughts. They seem so much more less random (yes, that was much more less) in an outline. Don't you think?
  • I've been wearing dresses and sandals for 2 days. It's wonderful. My legs are so happy to be free of jeans. They're also a bit timid because they haven't seen the sun in ages.
  • I was sitting on our balcony with my husband after I got home from work yesterday and there were 2 things that disappointed me: he (the fully white boy) is more tanned than me (the half Mexican half white girl). Secondly, my skin was literally glowing in the sunlight. And I don't mean a pretty glisten. I mean it hissed, recoiled and sizzled when I exposed it directly to sunlight.
  • Thanks to my half-Mexican-ness, I got a tan line after sitting on the porch for 30 minutes.
  • It's gone as of 10am today.
  • We ordered a new lens for our SLR camera that I'm super excited about! We read tons of forums, sites, research stuff, reviews, more sites, more forums before deciding on which one we wanted. Then we found out the one we wanted was on back order. So we decided to get a refurbished one. I'm kind of nervous, but it comes with the same warranty as a new one so hopefully we won't have any problems.
  • I adore summer. I wish I was back in the days when summer meant laying by the pool, trips to the beach, mall and Disneyland, going to the movies to keep cool and swimming right before bed to sleep well.
  • Those days are gone forever....
  • I get to see my friends/family 4 times in the next 2 months. Yay!!!
  • 5 weeks until my sister gets married.
  • 2 hours until I'm free for the weekend.
  • I'm out of bullets.
And for you summer sandal lovers...