Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday. The third day.

by Steph

If you know what that title is from, we are friends. Get it? Ha. So every now and then I like to highlight a store... I get obsessed with whatever it has that's new and love everything from the store for a few weeks and then just as quickly as it began, the obsession ends.

This time around, it's American Eagle. I go through my bouts of loving American Eagle for a few reasons. They have simple classic pieces that are my casual, go-to selections. They have an AMAZING sales rack. You can almost always find something you wanted a few weeks ago on major sale if you just have the patience to wait. Also, their jeans/shorts don't make me feel like a fatty.

Unlike my Hollister jeans. Those make my butt feel unwanted and if I don't wear a belt, my butt tries to escape everytime I bend over. But that's another story.

When shopping for summer, "modesty" can so easily fly out the window. Short shorts, see-through tanks, skimpy swimsuits, buttcheek grazing dresses... the list goes on.

That's probably why Old Navy (who, I think, is owned by the same company as AE) is such a favorite of mine... they make long shorts that aren't bermuda shorts, they make loose fitting tanks that are comfortable and lightweight and everything's cheap.

Back to AE. They are like the upgrade of Old Navy. The styles are similar but the prices are not. (Unless you wait for the sales rack expedition.)

Here are a few things I'll be keeping my eye on for a few weeks to come...(and by "keeping my eye on" I mean "will not be buying but mostly dreaming about buying...")

Click here to find your own summer staples...