Tuesday, March 29, 2011


by Steph

In celebration of the 70 degree weather we are soon to be enjoying, I decided it's time to shop for a swimsuit - which happens to be the most impossible task on the planet. That is, impossible when you're looking for a one piece.

Here's what I like about one pieces:
  • don't have to worry about my boobs escaping any itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini
  • less things to tie (and less things that have a chance of untying)
  • they're MODEST! Which is, afterall, my goal.

Here's what I do not like:
  • they're expensive. Evidently making an entire swimsuit out of one piece of material is much much much more work than making a two piece.
  • they're hiding. No one sells them. It's like they're undesirable. Not everyone wants to show off their bellies!!!
  • going to the bathroom in them can be a bit of a nightmare. But when I was 8, I managed to solve that problem quickly. Hahaha...eww.
  • the word "tummy flattening" in the title of the swimsuit. Are women really that gullible? Honey, if you squish it in somewhere, it'll bulge out somewhere else. That's life. And gravity. And physics.
  • the only ones out there are for middle aged mom's who need the tummy flattening. No offense, but I'm not quite there yet...
  • blindingly white stomach that will never see the sun. But as my husband pointed out, if I wear a one piece, no one will ever see my stomach except him and he says its ok since I'm blindingly white all over right now and his eyes have adjusted.

After some searching, I found the one I want at J. Crew (the first one below). I also found the jackpot! They have lots of cute stuff but warning... it's definitely an investment and I'm going to have to do some serious convincing of myself (and my husband) that a swimsuit is worth $90.

Click here to view their collection of one pieces, unless you're not like me. Then feel free to shop any and everywhere because any and everywhere sells 2 pieces.

{Note: I'm not being paid to advertise J. Crew and if you find a place with cheaper swimsuits (one piece of course), let me know!!!}