Friday, March 25, 2011

Felt, flowers and feathers

by Steph

My sister is getting married in like 6 weeks and I'm supposed to have a yellow flowery feathery thingy to wear in my hair (each bridesmaid has a different color). I scanned a few on Etsy but had a picture in my mind of what I wanted and didn't feel like paying $45 for something that was similar.

{Enter: my super unskilled craftsy alter ego that thinks it can accomplish anything}

I bought some feathers and felt at Joanne's and attempted my project last night. Here's the final result:

The other 2 flowers are actually leftovers from my own wedding 6 months ago. I had fake flowers for centerpieces because I didn't want to bother with a florist. They're now scattered all over our apartment even though yellow isn't really a part of our decor... So I decided to put them to good use and voila: I was able to use 2 out of 2,897. Just kidding. Oh my do I like exaggerating.

For the felt flower, I cut a circle out of felt and then starting at the outside, I cut a spiral all the way to the center. Then again, starting with the outside I started rolling the felt up until it looked like that. If I was going to be some cool artsy craftsy blogger, I'd have better pictures of each step so you'd know what the heck I'm talking about. But I don't and I'm not and I've come to terms with that so you should too.

Also, don't attack me for the awful photo. I took it with my phone because we still don't have internet and hey, phone pictures are better than no pictures right?