Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lemons in my life

by Steph

I've been getting all Betty Crocker lately... I'm trying to buy less processed foods and make things from scratch because a) it's cheaper b) it's better for you and c) you'll feel triumphant when you make marinara sauce from scratch that your husband decides is much better than the stuff in a jar.

On that note, Brian's mom has been cleaning out his grandpa's house in preparation for selling it. His grandpa had a lemon tree, a pink grapefruit tree and a yellow grapefruit tree so we went over there about a week ago and picked 2 large bags of lemons and one of pink grapefruits. Since his mom is also trying to clean out his grandpa's house, we inherited a juicer, a welder (don't ask - it was Brian's choice), cool vintage Coke bottles, some candles, cups, a serving dish, lots of spices and dressings and possibly a really cool tea set (waiting to hear if his aunt wants to hang on to it).

Now armed with my new juicer and a ton of lemons, I set to work making some lemonade.

Best. Thing. Ever.

We happen to like it super tart so for every cup of lemon juice, we added 2 cups of water and sugared it to taste. We melted a cup of sugar in a cup of water and then slowly added it to the lemonade mix. It was amazing.

The next thing on the list is to figure out how to make real life flour tortillas. I've tried twice now and they've turned out like pita bread. Too thick (no matter how thin I roll them) and not as fatty as the restaurant ones. That's right. I said fatty. I want like real Mexican tortillas. I've heard that you have to use lard or shortening so I'm going to attempt them again with the fatty stuff and hopefully I'll be successful...