Monday, March 21, 2011

A Birthday Outfit for Sarah Jane

by Steph

Today is my ex-roommate's birthday. She was my roommate in college and then for 2 years afterward. The first thing I knew about Sarah was that she had a lot of shoes. I LOVED living with her for a few reasons: she was always pretty joyful (even when I wasn't), she had simple style (classic pieces I could borrow), we wore the same size shoes and shared a love for all things musical and Disney. I can't begin to name the events that come to mind when I think of those 6 years I spent living with her so I decided to do what I do best as a birthday present - pick out an outfit for her. Hopefully she reads this... she said she reads my blog... Sarah you better read this!!!

Here's my outfits for Sarah - depending on how dressy she feels like being. The neutral shoes balance the multicolored shirts and Sarah... if you do read this, pick the shirt you like best and I'll send it as a late birthday present. Unless you hate them both. Then no birthday present for you. :) Love you lady!