Monday, March 14, 2011

So Ladylike

by Steph

Growing up, my mom would often correct certain habits insisting that they weren't "ladylike". I'd always think of the Aristocats when the girl cat says she has to go first because "She's a lady, that's why!" Apparently my thoughts of being a lady were different from my mother's.... but one part of being a lady that I ADORE is the dressing up. Frills and lace and heels and make-up and jewelry and jewelry and jewelry. In this day and age, ladylike-ness isn't common but if you want to at least look the part, here are a few tops that would pair nicely with jeans and heels and jewelry, jewelry, jewelry.


Ladylike by reinersm54 featuring a cami top

{UPDATE: I just realized that the list of clothes isn't the same order as they're shown... not sure what to do with it but if you really like something - you'll find it.}