Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sandy beaches...

by Steph

Guess what.

Okay, don't guess.

We're going to Maui!!!

I know... I had my heart set on Disneyland. But after some consideration, I realized, we can always go to Disneyland. We visit So Cal at least a dozen times a year to see my family. And we won't always have the money to go to Maui.

7 days and 6 nights of paradise, starting on our exact wedding date (September 5th). I'm so so SO thankful that the Lord has provided for us to be able to do this. He continually blesses us and provides for our every need and then some.

What an awesome blessing!!! Seriously, God is GOOD!!!

I'm already planning outfits. I ordered 2 rompers from Forever 21 and a fedora hat (it was $6). I'm looking up some fun stuff to do in Maui and already very, very happy about the tan I'm going to get.

We're not going to any luau's because a) they're expensive b) I don't like poi or pig and c) we prefer steak dinners (aka special date nights).

Have I mentioned how much my husband loves steak?

We'll be spending that $70 per person on several steak dinners in Maui. Not on watching people throw fire and half naked girls sway about.

{Okay, I might be a little biased about the luau, but really??? $70??? Is it a magical luau? Do you get a $50 rebate at the end??? A golden lei? A golden pig?}


However, my husband did have this concern about steak dinners "Do they even have fresh meat in Maui? Or is it imported?"

See? He's a steak snob.

Maui!!! We're going to Maui!!! I'm so excited.

I have to admit... I did have to do a few breathing exercises when I clicked "Book this trip". That's like the most money I've ever spent.


Except on my truck.

Which incidently, I will be buying in a week. Yay!

"Ok, take care, Aloha!" {Name that movie!}