Thursday, May 26, 2011

Home Decor?

by Steph

Yep. I'm diving into that category on this blog. Oh boy are we in for a ride.

Let me just start by saying I have NEVER felt the need to decorate a space I live in. Ask my college roommate. If I was in the mood I might hang a corkboard or calendar but I wasn't all into the decorations and matchy stuff and all that.

Now I live in a teeny, tiny apartment with my husband. We've been there 9 months and the only things we've hung are the giant mirror (that really just needed to be off the floor to make space) and a coat rack that we got at the Flea Market for $2.

This was partly because of my lack of interest in decorating but also because we just plain old didn't have the time to go shop for stuff.

The nicest thing we have in our apartment is a 5 piece bedroom set that we had on loan from a friend. The day has come where they need their bedroom set back and maybe because it's spring (yes, technically it still is) or maybe because I'm a woman {and emotional} or maybe because I'm tired of staring at blank walls, but whatever the reason I'm feeling the need/urge/desperate desire to finally decorate!

First thing's first.

I think we'll go the Ikea route for the bedroom set because a) people on Craigslist ask for just as much money as new stuff and b) I love Ikea. It's fun putting things together even if you do it wrong the first 12 times and have to take it apart which takes 6 times as long as any normal person. The instructions are in Swedish!!! {No, they're not but it seems like a good excuse.} Other than that we don't have any decor or theme really going in here (unless you count the 4,892 yellow flowers we have leftover from our wedding).

Living Room/Dining Room Decor
We have a theme in our living room/dining room area right now. It's called "we just got married. 9 months ago." Okay, so it's not a theme, more like a pile of stuff that we have nowhere to put. Again, Ikea to the rescue. I'm thinking cool shelves with baskets or some kind of storage system to hide the pile of junk. Wait 'til you see the before pics.

Can't do much here because our tiny kitchen has cabinets covering all the walls so it's not exactly a space for decorating.

We kind of already have the colors - a slate blue and dark brown. But I would like to find something to hang on the wall so I can see pretty things when I pee.

So here's the thing, I have no idea where to start. I mean, do I just google "decor inspiration"? Is that nerdy? Am I being a total spaz here? Or should I just start hitting up the thrift stores and flea markets for some cool vintage things that just jump out at me?

I need help people.