Monday, May 9, 2011

Case of the Monday's

by Steph

I love the movie Office Space because, having worked in an office for 8 years now, I can relate on every level. It really ruins my day when someone steals my stapler and I want to punch people who say things like "Are we having fun yet?" This is also why I love the show The Office and I kind of wish I had a Michael Scott or Dwight to at least keep me preoccupied/entertained throughout the day.

It's Monday. Yes, I have the "Case of the Monday's" where I don't want to be at work, I want to be home with my hubby snuggling in bed or by the pool. I think the grease I consumed yesterday was no good for my body and it's rejecting it and making me suffer terribly. No more chorizo. For at least a month.

It's Monday. The weekend after my sister's wedding. What a whirlwind that was... seeing lots of old friends and faces... such fun! I was glad to rip off those fake eyelashes, wash my hair and snuggle in bed after all the madness of that tea party. It was fun but I'm glad my sister will only get married once. :) I'm going to bribe my baby sis to have a destination wedding... wouldn't that be so fun???

It's Monday. I'm wearing my new earrings (courtesy of my beloved sister as a bridal gift), sipping my black tea lemonade (also courtesy of Starbuck's gift card from my beloved sister as a bridal gift), listening to Disney music and blogging. All good things for anyone with a Case of the Monday's.

It's Monday so here's some highlights from my weekend:
  • full on salon/beauty parlor mode in my mom's bathroom on Saturday morning.
  • Samantha almost knocking Carl over for their first kiss EVER.
  • my husband laughing at my speech. I love making him laugh. Gives me satisfaction that I truly am funny....
  • Jude (the ring bearer) saying "CHEEEEEEESE!!!!!! No no no no no..... CHEEEEEESE!!!!! No no no no no..." at our photo session and running around yelling "Miss Sam, Miss Sam, I have to show you something!". Oh and being super distracted by the flower girl throwing candy on the ground down the aisle. He was really concerned that all that candy was going to waste...
  • holding baby Aviyah (sp?). What a chill baby! She's literally the ONLY baby I've ever wanted to hold. She was so happy and bouncy... so adorable!!!
  • reconnecting with old friends and faces at the wedding.
  • Angela getting grass stains on her green leggings. High heels and grass don't mix well.
  • my husband climbing on my parents' roof to get aerial shots of the wedding. Everyone else in the tent wondering why all the bridesmaids were looking up and smiling.
  • dessert-making stress with Bee. She's a Paula Deen in training!
  • Jake Tromburg changing my husband's life forever (actually tromping over every excuse he had...).
  • umm... just the Tromburg family in general. They're awesome.
  • and the Roske family. Carl's (my new bro-in-law) dad bought my husband a photo ladder to get the group shots at the photo booth. So awesome!
  • my ever-lovin' parents. They're awesome. AWESOME. Still spoil us even though we've moved out and started a family of our own. Their graciousness and generosity will forever be stamped in my mind and I hope someday Brian and I can be just like them.
  • conversations with my husband on our 8 hour drive home. God is good!
  • spending time with my sisters. I love them so much. I wish I lived closer but I'm glad for these little sister spells we get to hang out together.
  • seeing Samantha and Carl's living room filled with gifts.
  • futuristic talk with my husband on our drive home.
  • my husband.
  • my husband.
  • my husband.
And because this video just makes me laugh til I cry....