Tuesday, May 24, 2011


by Steph

I'm going to do a vacation countdown by starting each week with an outfit inspiration for the trip (like yesterday's). These are not things I own (except for the fedora and romper from yesterday) but mostly cute outfits for summer vacations. Hopefully I'll remember that I decided to do this in like 8 weeks...

In other news, Yosemite trip is in less than 2 weeks and my dearest friend Bekki gets married in like 4 days. We'll be heading back down to LA on Thursday and staying for the holiday weekend (which is 12 hours round trip in the car). Yosemite is about 3.5 hours from here so there's another 7ish hours on the open road.

So I made a list of things we usually do on a roadtrip:
  • HOUR #1: Sing Disney songs at top volume until your husband almost crashes trying to steer and put his hand over your mouth at the same time. (Other albums that work: Spice Girls, Mariah Carey, 80's music)
  • HOUR #1.5: Look for the 90 foot fence somewhere in the middle of nowhere on the 5 which my husband calls "the zombie fence". I like to think they're keeping dinosaurs. Then argue over which seems more likely.
  • HOUR #2: Listen to sermons. (the best for making a trip go by fast!!!)
  • HOUR #3: Eat lots of sugary junk food which causes hyper-ness and then have a sugar crash which causes nap time (This really makes the trip go by fast also. If you're not the driver.)
  • HOUR #4: Every motor home you see with a car being towed behind it say "Hey look at that car tailgating. People these days." Listen to another sermon.
  • HOUR #5: Stop for some greasy In 'n Out at Kettleman City. Hold your breath through Coalinga. Start to get really impatient and annoy the driver (aka hubsy) until he threatens to feed you more sugar or crash your side of the car.
  • HOUR #6: Have serious discussions about life.
  • Arrive at your destination. Fall on the floor and kiss the ground since you're so thankful to be out of the car.
  • Plop yourself on your sister's sofa for the next 6 hours watching the cable you wish you had at home. It's a luxury, people.
UPDATE: These are things I do in the car with my husband. Now if I was in the cars with my sisters, Hour #1 would be on repeat for a few hours and then movie quote guessing would take up the rest of the time. Know your audience.