Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Following the leader

by Steph

Okay, so I've changed a few settings and Blogger and I are on speaking terms again. If following with Google Friend Connect doesn't work, try the Follow by Email link. HOPEFULLY one of those two works... if not, then please don't give up on me. Maybe someday I'll have my own domain name and everything and I'll be able to end this love/hate relationship I have with Blogger....

{UPDATE: Me and Blogger are like BFF's now. I figured out how to add a "Reply" button to all my comments so hopefully this works!!!}

[UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: Okay, so we're not exactly BFF's. I don't know if the reply thing works yet...it just looks silly. I might have to remove it. We'll see. Blogger, you are on thin ice right now...]