Monday, May 23, 2011

Maui excitement/let down's

by Steph

  1. Letdown: I asked the hubsy if he wanted to go parasailing. He said "No way, I've seen Jurassic Park [3]."
  2. Letdown: My sister said I shouldn't pack that much. I said "Honey, please. Do you even know who you're talking to? I'll probably have to have 18 outfits for 7 days." She rolled her eyes at me. On Gmail Chat.
  3. Letdown: I told my hubby we'd have to get snorkel stuff. He said he wasn't about to get in the water to go swimming with bull sharks. But he does want to go surfing. How he'll accomplish that will be quite a sight to see. {Note: the bull shark is the most aggressive shark in the world because it's testosterone level is at 900. The average grown man has a testosterone level of like 40. The perk is that it lives in fresh AND saltwater. That is what my research has led me to believe - Dr. Stephanie Reiner, Ammateur Shark Expert}
  4. Excitement: I told my husband that we're also going to have to get an underwater camera because if I see a shark, I'll want a picture for my blog.
  5. Excitement: (?) The car we're renting is "Economy sized" according to Enterprise Rent-a-car. My hubs asked if they had anything like a Jeep. I said yes, but it's twice the cost and showed him a picture of the Chevy Aveo (what the rental place deems as economy sized). He said "No, we want something with a hand break to do sweet stunts in. You got the insurance, right?"
  6. Excitement: 1 day down, 106 days to go.
  7. Major excitement: planning outfits {I have some minor DIY improvements to make this romper a bit more modest/comfortable and yes it's only $9 at F21!!!}