Monday, May 16, 2011

Planning trips

by Steph

A) My husband and I decided to go on a trip to Yosemite. I'm excited but also scared. Bears? Camping? Me? All things that really don't mesh. But I'm gonna be adventurous.

I promise, if a bear mauls me, I will remember none of those things to do when attacked by a bear and will probably end up in a fist fight with it.

I throw a mean right hook.

Thank you Turbo Kick Box class.

All I will need is some fast paced pop music in the background and that bear won't stand a chance against my upper cuts and round kicks.

B) My husband and I also decided we probably won't go to Hawai'i and will instead take our San Diego/Disneyland trip.

Here's why: it's cheaper, Disneyland, Disneyland, the beach, Disneyland.

I think you all underestimate my love for that place.

Did I really just trade Hawai'i for the Happiest Place on Earth?

You bet your Mickey Mouse ears I did.

C) Blogger died yesterday. I panicked for awhile. But apparently life does indeed go on.

D) We went to the gym for the second day in a row yesterday. My arms hurt terribly. I'm out of shape. But it feels oh so good to be working those muscles again.

E) I decided to head over to Old Navy for some $15 shorts and all the excitement of being in shape and working out went straight into depression when their size 8 shorts looked a wee bit too tight on my rear end.

Old Navy, I thought we were friends. I thought you understood me and my giant rear end. I thought you would be there for me.

You have failed me.

Luckily, you had some mom-shorts that actually fit quite well. Yes, they had a stretchy waist but they were a size medium so I rejoiced and happily went on my way.

Oh, plus you can get 50% off of one item from today through Sunday.

Click here for your coupon! {Thanks Erykah!}

F) It's Friday!!!!! TGIF! Remember when TGIF meant Boy Meets World was on TV? Those were the good ol' days.