Friday, January 10, 2014


I decided to make some New Year's Resolutions. I think you'll find them quite agreeable.
  • Pack our whole house up before moving day. Lofty goal, huh?
  • Successfully keep that house packed because Allie really likes to take things out of boxes once I put them in. She thinks it's a game. If it is, it is honestly the least fun game I've ever played.
  • Have our new house in working order before the baby is born. I have 3 months to get this done. Seems like plenty of time.... right? Right? RIGHT?!?!
  • Finish Allie's kitchen in time for her.... half-birthday? Don't even ask. I don't want to talk about it. Priorities: have a house to live in with actual flooring (and not cement) or get Allie's kitchen done? Yeah, when Brian put it that way, it made me realize her kitchen is low on the list of priorities right now. Boo hoo. Insert whiny disappointed face here...
  • Pick a name once we find out the gender of this little one. Pick a name months before the due date. Settle on the name so no changes can be made. I repeat: PICK A NAME ASAP.
  • Gain 30 lbs in the next 6 months and then lose 20 lbs within a matter of days. Spend the next few months losing the remaining 10 lbs by breastfeeding, not sleeping, forgetting to eat, and generally being exhausted from keeping up with 2 kids.
  • Go to Disneyland at least twice. 
  • Go to Hawaii once (so Brian's fam can meet the new little one). Considering we have free room and board, we kind of have to visit. The wonderful news is that Brian 100% agrees with me. The only thing that scares us is a 5-hour flight with a 2 year old and a 3 month old. I mean, I know they're tiny but still. I'm already sweating just thinking about it.
So what do you think? I think I will actually accomplish all of my resolutions this year. In fact, I think I'll go celebrate my success by eating some cookie dough.