Friday, January 31, 2014

A Friday List

The internet scared me this week.

It seems like everywhere I looked, there was an article, comment, blog post that was spewing hate, malice, and anger. Because curiosity got the best of me, I read a few and then just felt worse and worse.

Anyway, it's Friday and I felt like I needed to lighten the mood around the world wide web. Sooooooooooo.... a list!
  • Brian's parents fly out on Tuesday. We've pretty much been over there almost every night this week just hanging out and getting the most babysitting we can. Seriously, between Brian's 2 younger brothers, Allie has been having a BLAST. I think they get a kick out of her crazy toddler antics and she gets a kick out of playing with someone that doesn't need 5 minutes and a walker to go from a sitting position to standing. I'm pregnant and have sciatic pain. But looking at me, you'd think I was a 90-year-old in need of a hip replacement. Fine, I don't really have a walker but I do really think it would actually help me.
  • I think Brian is finally realizing how much he'll miss his family, so we haven't even really dealt with much house stuff. And I'm okay with that. I'm okay with moving into a home that might have concrete floors for awhile. It might not have fresh, new paint. It might still have stuff in it (from his parents) that we need to go through and decide what to keep or donate. And I'm totally okay with that. Mostly because our other option is to drive ourselves crazy with stress and pressure to get things done and that's never good for a guy who's working 50-60 hour weeks, much less a pregnant woman.
  • The small part of house stuff that I've been doing is shopping around and budgeting. Hey! It's my most favorite thing and my least favorite thing in the whole world. Together. Yay. But we finally have a complete list of things the new house will need so we're trying to get a good number so we don't go crazy and like, I don't know, blow the whole budget on installing a jacuzzi in the backyard. Not that I'm tempted to do that or anything. (blank stare)
  • 21 weeks pregnant. This time it has FLOWN by. I'm more than halfway through this?!?! Crazy. This baby is SUPER squirmy. I don't remember Allie being that way. Maybe I just remember her being more kicky towards the end but this one seems to constantly be doing somersaults in there. It's weird to know that this baby is going to be so different from Allie.
  • The one great thing about Brian's parents moving to Maui is that he's already making plans to for sure visit them in September, which means I'm already scoping out plane tix and planning my wardrobe. Shocker, right? :D But a week in Maui (with free room and board, food, and lots of willing babysitters) sounds like a perfect vacation for this mama. Is it too early to start a countdown? Yeah. Probably. 
Okay, I think those are my thoughts for the day. For all 12 of my readers. But after what I've seen this week, I'm so thankful for 12 silent readers who keep coming back for my weird stories and thoughts. You guys are the best. :)