Friday, October 4, 2013

Gray // White // Bedroom

I decided to share the inspiration board I did for our bedroom before I change my mind again... You can check out my bedroom Pinterest board to see a few of my inspiration pins.

Our bedroom

When we first got married, we decided to just get a bunch of stuff from Ikea "for now" until we could afford something nicer. 3 years later and it's still in really good shape so I'm going to stick with it. We already have the pintucked duvet cover (but the $60 version from Target). It was the one thing that Brian actually agreed that we needed in our bedroom. Well, he agreed we needed a duvet cover, I got to pick which one.

My original jumping off point was that fabric swatch. I wanted to make a throw pillow out of it so it would pull together the grays and whites and also lend some color. The problem is I'm trying to convince Brian to let me have throw pillows. He simply does not understand why on earth you would put pillows on the bed everyday only to be removed that night. I don't think "because it looks pretty" is working out too well as an argument for me.

If I'm unsuccessful, then I'll probably just stick to the whites and grays and try to bring pops of colors in elsewhere. Like the print of Yosemite (a picture that Brian took) or the Rifle Paper Co. vintage city prints.

The sheets we have right now are a burnt orange (purchased when we were newlyweds and needed sheets that were cheap). I've bought some dye to make them gray so I'll let you know how that goes... maybe.

I am 95% sure this is what our room is going to look like.

Well, 92.8%.