Thursday, July 11, 2013

Friday thoughts

It's time for Friday thoughts on a Thursday!
  • I'm packing for a camping trip this weekend. Why is it that it normally takes me weeks to go through a package of wipes, but for 3 days I'm concerned I'll run out so I have to pack 3 packages? 
  • The camping trip is all of the family's from our church. I'm mostly excited because someone else will be cooking/doing dishes for 3 whole days. 
  • I made a dress for Allie. It got some rave reviews. I'm probably going to do another one so if I have the patience, I'll do a tutorial for it. The problem is, I'm a very amateur seamstress. As in, my lines are always crooked, I end up taking seams out at least 5 times for every project, and I get lazy and decide to iron instead of pin and it always bites me in the butt. But the projects usually turn out fairly decent. I just feel weird turning this into a sewing blog when there are waaaayyyy better seamstresses out there than me. I think I'll just stick to the humor blog category. That's what I'm best at. 
  • I really have to do an update post on Allie. HER ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY IS A MONTH AWAY!!!! Can you believe that? I really cannot. I mean, I can't even keep a basil plant alive for 2 weeks. 
  • My parents visited last week. There was spoiling all around. Brian got a fancy fish eye/macro/wide frame lens for his phone as a birthday gift. Allie got several new outfits, shoes, headbands, a book, and cloth diapers. I got a mani/pedi and a new skirt. Even Atticus (my awesome nephew) got a book. 
  • My dad and Brian made me a table for outside. Of course I don't have pictures, but just try and imagine what it looks like. Or follow me on Instagram and maybe someday I'll take a picture of it... 
  • My older sister and newphew are coming to visit in a month. I'm probably going to smother my newphew in smooches and put my sister to work helping me make decorations for Allie's birthday party. Good times all around. And yeah that says newphew. Because I tried typing it correctly. Several times. My finger just really wanted to have 2 w's. "Actually it was the man that lives inside my finger! Mr. Bumbo!" Name that movie! I'll give you a hint: "Cabin fever... ahhhhhh!"
  • Happy Friday! 
  • Wait. It's Thursday.