Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Where have I been?


Friday thoughts on a Wednesday! I do what I want.
  • The Baby Swimwear Industry is stupid and lame. WHY WOULD THEY NOT PUT SNAPS ON A SWIMSUIT FOR A BABY?!?!?! There are literally snaps on EVERY OTHER piece of clothing, except the one that is the most difficult to remove - especially when wet. So I decided to add snaps to Allie's swimsuit. I'll post a tutorial soon... Spoiler alert: It involves snap tape and is so easy, your husband who has never used a sewing machine before could probably do it. 
  • Why is it that random strangers get so excited when their birthdays are close to mine ? I don’t care if our birthdays are close together, unless we were born on the exact same day and you only have a mom and I only have a dad. Also, if you’re buying me a present. Then I have to know, so I can get you a present and not look like a jerkface.
  • I really have to do an update post on Allie. She's crawling, cruising, talking, and I've started cloth diapering. I know, right? I've also started to churn my own butter. Just kidding.
  • I was involved in a hit and run accident with an older woman. She hit me. And ran. She actually moved into my lane right on top of me. I am not sure how she managed to not see the giant beast that I call the Bronco, but she didn't. Obvs the Bronco was unscathed, but her poor little PT Cruiser lost a tail light. Unfortunately for her, we were going the same way and I ended up next to her at the next stop light. She hid her face in shame. I wanted to be like "It's okay! I'm not mad! I know exactly how you feel and for once I'm just so stinkin' glad it wasn't my fault!" 
  • Speaking of cars, that's one of my biggest problems with blogging. I get all my good ideas for posts when I'm out driving, but I can't write them down anywhere to remember later. Add Mommy Brain to that and forget it, those blog ideas never had a chance. 
  • After trying to find a screw driver in the garage, I've decided not to hold it against Brian that he can't find anything in the kitchen. 
  • It's Brian's birthday on Friday. He'll be 28. I'm still figuring out what to get the man who doesn't like anything that isn't free. A Pet Rock?